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Gun Control Discussion
So what's y'alls thoughts on SCOTUS right now? Maryland has also had "warrantless searches" approved as well as the DC area and Virginia... Oregon is currently pushing for confiscation laws. While America stays focused on Harvey Weinstein and the rape culture of Hollywood and the gov, NFL players kneeling in "protest" it seems as if there's quite a lot going on behind the scenes...
SCOTUS is barely balanced in our favor (gun owners). I would like to see one of the liberal judges retire and Kennedy retire allowing two strong pro-2nd judges to be appointed. At that point, then I would hope SCOTUS would start tackling some of these issues. Right now with the balance being so much on the edge, not sure it would be in our favor to have them tackling some of these issues.
Ginsburgh.Kennedy is pliable.I'd prefer both gone,1 can dream.'08.
If you look like food,you will be eaten.

I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.
Ginsburgh is still alive... thought she already passed Smile
(12-16-2017, 01:44 PM)JRSC Wrote:

Yeah there is a lot of debate in the Illinois Carry forum about this moron. Even though Chicago politicians believe they are above all laws, they don't have the authority to invite a foreign nation's armed forces into the country.
This is very serious. And needs to be dealt with immediately before foreign troops begin to start becoming like "Syrian refugees."
can't fix stupid

Trump has shown his true colors, and now it's on... I believe this is what we're witnessing.

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IMO, I think it would we wise for Trump to say whatever he has to to stall for time until emotions cool down. I think he is smart enough to know who elected him. Pissing off the libs/dems isn't going to hurt him but he has to tread carefully with those who are drinking the anti kool aid right now.

Personally, if I were him I would try to set up an Summit to Address Violence in this country. Notice I didn't say "gun violence" because it really isn't an issue. Force everyone to the table to address the real issues. Put the weight on them to come up with some realistic ideas. Humans haven't been able to solve violence in thousands of years but at least it will show he's trying something no other president as tried.

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