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Gun Control Discussion
I was in a discussion recently with multiple people on gun control.  Some understood about firearms, some were anti-gun and relied on unsubstantiated positions to bolster their argument.For example:

Quote:Given the statistically insignificant liklihood of any given individual being in a situation where firearms are needed (LEO, military, and security professionals exempted), those who want to be armed all the time are like frightened children who mistakenly believe that a bogey-man lurks in their closet waiting to come out and snatch them in their sleep.

Notice that when the argument isn't going their way they resort to childish attacks.  I countered with some actual research:
  • According to the CDC: Low annual rape statistics are 300,000 annually. The high rate is 1.3 million.

  • Percentage of unreported rapes: 54%

  • Chance of being raped in the U.S. 20%

  • In a 12 year study by the Department of Justice the likelyhood of someone from age 12 until death of being the victim of at least one violent crime is 83%

  • Likelyhood of more than one incident 54%

  • FBI stats for 2014: Estimated 1,165,383 violent crimes reported to L.E.
Here is an interesting study by the Cato Institute:

When Criminals Face Armed Resistance From Citizens
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
Those of us who have been in law enforcement know...

1. Guns don't cause crime
2. Guns don't cause violence
3. Gun laws, like drug laws or alcohol prohibition don't prevent people from obtaining or abusing those items.
guns don't kill people, people kill people.
Guys, we need to have a serious talk. This act of tyranny and terrorism in California is a spin off from the first act in Maryland. Don't you agree? The time has come to get serious about our 2nd Amendment. We all know this is a domino effect that the enemy is hoping will spiral out of control for us. If you don't believe they want to disarm common American, the time is now! They are! Even if we're not from Maryland or California we need to let these terrorists in office have a dose of truth. Call, email, write, be as aggressive as the enemy. The threat is real! I know I might be preaching to the choir but really felt I had to say something. We need to take action! We need to be louder and more obnoxious than our enemies!
Ok so it seems the NRA has caved to a bit of pressure. While many see this as better than more harsh gun control policies, we've got to be smart enough to know that this is the "Confederate monument" movement to those harsher policies. I am in no way, shape or form for the restrictions of bump stocks. This is an infringement and I'm ashamed of the NRA for not demanding a complete no compromise stance for our 2nd Amendment. We have no choice but be more aggressive towards protecting our rights to self defense.
As much as I think bumpfire stocks and "echo" triggers are stupid, regulating them is not a positive thing. I disagree with the NRA's stance on this.
I have mixed feelings. I don't want to give up anything when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. Yet, I also know to win the war, you have to pick your battles wisely. Sometimes, you have to give up territory, conserve resources, to allow you to win the war over all. Do you invest a lot of money, time, and effort in preserving the bump stocks, or do you focus in on the overall battle and items such as HPA and getting it passed?

Will giving the gun control bump stocks, give the Republicans info motivation to be able to pass HPA? I don't know. I wish we didn't have to give anything, but knowing this a is a long war, picking the battles wisely could make a huge difference in the outcome.
Never give an inch. The "anti's" will not relent until that have chiseled away all of our 2nd Amendment right. The NRA is a fund raising organization.
I could give a rat's @$$ about slide/bump stocks. Of course, I can do it without a cool attachment...

The fight your battles thing has some very very good points about it. The NRA is notorious for being "poor;y absolute" if you Weill. And two weeks after an event is a bad time to discuss anything. Make me the President off the NRA and I'd say this:

"People - we are NOT going to discuss banning or not banning anything right now. We will in fact oppose and condemn ANYONE who attempts to discuss the issue at all. Right now - there is one issue: 56 dead and 500+ wounded. I publicly condemn anyone who has anything to say either pro or anti gun when they should be grieving in the wake of the tragedy, and providing support for the victims and other affected individuals. We will schedule a time and place place to debate, discuss, and possibly more when it is appropriate. Now - spend a week, or a month and do the right thing - which is to focus on the victims. I am not interested in CNN, NBC, or Fox News reporting every gun and bullet count or any such thing. If you have anything to say other than 'I am sorry for your loss' or 'what can do to ease your pain and suffering' or 'how can I help you get back to normal as much as possible' I will suggest as a compassionate human being you keep it to yourself.

And when it was time - perhaps 90 / 120 days later, AFTER a legitimate investigation had a taken place - then we could talk. And it would be a WAY different discussion than will happen this week. I would make sure it was scheduled. I would also provide hella support to the affected people in every situation.

But honestly, the NRA is part of the problem as well. Who said they are a fund raising org???? Yep....

And as for discussing this; It will fail. You can't.

The majority of the country is being raised to
a) Fear guns
b) Be dependent on the government for everything

And can you REALLY blame the government for that? It's what Governments do!!!! You are a fool if you think you can do anything to stop it. As I have always said - Democrats and Republicans BOTH DO NOT WANT YOU TO BE ARMED. Because you being armed prevents them from doing an awful lot of things....

Statistics are useless. I'm a professional scientist. People will pull the number they want for their end. Some will say that "You can show anything with statistics" and I'll say no you can't. But if you don't know statistics, and inference - then you are completely unarmed. And that means everyone is completely unarmed. Dave's facts suck as much the Anti Gun people. I can burn a hole in every one of those interesting "facts" the size of the Sun.

Yet the question is EASILY answerable!!!!! My point is no one wants to answer the question. Thus, the math and the science is irrelevant. Much like Climate Change - it's a religion. And to some degree, the real issue really has nothing to do with facts. It's a moral dilemma. It's about *gasp* Freedom....
I'd say I'd agree with the 'pick your battles'.

Give up bump stocks for suppressors

Or, trade bump stocks and suppressors for national CCW and no more discussion of AWB or mag limits

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