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Interesting Vintage Rifle
So I've been going through my dad's guns since he and my mother are downsizing to an apartment after he had a stroke in February. He doesn't have room in the apartment which is in a gated, retirement community.  I now have them all at home where I've been cataloging them and cleaning them.

Needless to say at the age of 88 most of his guns are vintage. While nothing is high end or very fancy they are examples of utilitarian rifles and shotguns used for hunting.

One of the more interesting rifles he has was one I shot while growing up. It was a full stocked single shot bolt action that was in my memory known as that "German training rifle".

Been a long time since I've seen it but looking at it piqued my curiosity.  Here's what it looks like. Yeah, it looks like a German Mauser i.e, K98

.[Image: IMG_0837_zps3kllyppj.jpg]

The story is that it was brought back from WWII by an older cousin who served in the Army. My dad was in high school during the war and got it sometime in the late 40s or early 50s.

A little research revealed that around 1934 after the Nazis came to power they ordered companies to start a consortium to begin making training rifles resembling the Mauser bolt actions which was being adopted. Since they were still under the Versailles treaty which prevented rearmament these rifles were marked Deutches Sportmodell (German Sport Model) and furnished to shooting clubs, Hitler youth etc. As sporting rifles and not military trainers they were allowed. They were usually stamped as such on the receiver, though later war trainers didn't need to be since their purpose no longer needed to be hidden. Informally they are known as the DSM34, the 34 for the year of adoption. They were made until 1938 when a later version called the KKW (Klein Kaliber Wehrsport Gewehr/Rim fire Sport Rifle) was adopted.  The KKW was a closer match to the K98 which was the German military rifle.

The DSM marking on the side

[Image: IMG_0845_zpsj6an2awg.jpg]

It just so happens that about a dozen companies formed a consortium in Suhl to make these rifles including most of the main firearms companies like Mauser, Anschutz, Geco, Erma etc. Mauser alone made over 200,000 of these. There were however a few small companies that got a piece of the pie. One of smaller and more obscure ones was Menz.  Menz only made about 5000 rifles.  Of those this one is number 1000.  Under the serial number are the words WaffenAB, Aug Menz Suhl.  Waffen means weapons, AB is an abbreviation for company or group.  Roughly translates to the August Menz Weapons Concern of Suhl

[Image: IMG_0840_zpsmstbkrun.jpg]

If you look at the barrel in front of receiver you see some proof marks and then 5.4mm which is .22 caliber. This rifle shoots .22 shorts, longs and long rifle.

It even has the original leather sling with it. Also the bottom of  barrel is also stamped 1000. That cleaning rod in the first photo, really isn't. It's just there for looks and only screws into the stock a couple inches.
[Image: IMG_0841_zpswjcl1far.jpg]

Notice the hole in the top of the receiver. That hole detracts from the collector value. I asked my dad about it and he says the rifle came with a rear peep sight mounted on it which he took off because he didn't like the look of it with the regular ladder sight.  He didn't know if it came back from Germany that way or added later. He directed me to a small box in his work room where the sight was. Sure enough it fits couture of the receiver and holes exactly.

[Image: IMG_0847_zpsnjwa0umc.jpg]

There are no markings on the sight itself but it is very well made the the click adjustments are very precise. A collector I contacted says he believes the sight was probably made for and mounted on the rifle in Germany. He is looking through German catalogs of that era for a match.

Kind of a cool rifle with an interesting history.  As I recall it was very accurate, hoping to get it out to the range when I get a chance.
An interesting piece of history.
nice... with the memories too
It looks like the peep sight is not German but a Savage sight of the appropriate era. Be that as it may still kind of cool. That vintage sight alone is worth $150.

Being 88, most of my dad's guns are from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. He particularly liked shotguns. He has two over/under 20 gauges, one side x side 20ga, two side x side 12 gauges, a semi 12 ga (Savage 720), and a old single shot 12 ga. called Nitro King. The only thing later than the 1940s is a Winchester 1400 semi auto 12 ga. old None of them are high end but certainly better quality than offered today. Those 20 ga shotguns are a lot of fun to shoot. They don't have much recoil. I used to hunt with them when I was a kid.
That's really a nice collection to have.  Memories are icing on the cake.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
Very nice! A piece of history is irreplaceable. And I'm glad it's in the hands of someone who'll maintain it and appreciate it.
Lots of memories with those guns. He has a Winchester Model 68 which is a single shot .22 with peep sights. It was made from 1934-38 and was his first gun. He bought it when he was 10 and used to carry it back and forth to school (he lived on a farm) and shot rabbits with it on the way home for dinner (that was during the depression). It was also the first gun me and my 3 brothers ever shot and the one we learned marksmanship on.

Of course he still has the first pistol, the first shotgun and the first center fire rifle (Savage 99) we all shot as well as the guns we first hunted with and shot our first rabbit, fox, pheasant, grouse, deer, turkey etc.

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