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So who's got a boat (of some type)?
David, the green floats in the previous picture are crab floats. I picked up 4 for $20 in St Augustine
Family owns a 36 ft sailboat. Been sailing since I can remember and I'm currently working towards my ICC license. I've bareboat cruised in the Caribbean and have another trip planned this summer. Sailing is fun and relaxing if you've never tried it!
look foreward to some pic dave
Hobie Quest  SOT  set up for fly fishing. Easily converted to BOB[oat].
Just bought a canoe a couple weeks ago and have had it out on the local river a couple times. Bought it new. It is 14' Sundolphin Scout SS with a square back for mounting a trolling motor if need be. I bought it for a number of reasons.

1. I needed something for two people.
2. I wanted something to paddle on the local river which has just opened up new stretches through my city.
2. I wanted something that I could mount a trolling motor for lake/fishing use.
3. I wanted something that I could take with me when camping in my trailer.
4. This particular canoe was made in Michigan
5. Most importantly it was on sale pretty cheap. Got it for a buck under $300 with tax (on sale and I had a coupon).

I originally wanted to buy a couple kayaks but my wife doesn't like to kayak. We've borrowed kayaks a few times but she said she would stop going out on the river unless I got something we both could ride in. So we rented a canoe earlier this summer and it worked better for us. Saw the below canoe on sale the next week so picked it up.

As I mentioned we've had it out a couple times already and it works well. Need to add some accessories (like cushioned seats with backs) but otherwise it is good to go.

[Image: FA8l4r7.jpg]

[Image: QNmApZx.jpg]

[Image: aLoSdXp.jpg]

I have a 14' aluminum fishing boat with 15hp Johnson outboard but it is a beast to haul around on top of my truck. 30 years ago I could throw it on top of my van by myself like it was nothing, these days, not so much.
I want to get a 25+ FT. center counsel fishing boat, It would be awesome to get an old tug and do it up for a live on vessel for getting out of dodge.

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