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Ammunition reloading guide
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Courtesy of Tsquare  Smile

Ammunition Reloading Guide
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There is a lot more method and verification that I do the they do not. I am meticulous about case prep. There are some brands of brass I will not reload, they are too cheaply made to survive the initial load and will have a high failure rate to 100% within 3 or 4 cycles.
(05-10-2016, 02:08 PM)David Wrote: Courtesy of Tsquare  Smile

Ammunition Reloading Guide

This is a good starting guide, following this will insure a fun and safe reloading experience. There is a little more to reloading than just this guide, as you learn and grow you will no doubt learn more tricks to making your rounds more accurate. I am more anal about case preparation than most which is one of the ways that I attribute why my loads are more consistently accurate than store bought . Knowing a cool old guy locally, that has been loading forever is very helpful also.          

Getting into casting your own projectiles is also fun and rewarding.
started casting heads with the dad over 40 yrs ago... not so much anymore as plated has really lower the prices when purchased in bulk
Guess it also depends on how you get your lead these days. ( learned on old Linotype and wheel weights which were free )

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