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Mobile phone system
I posted this elsewhere but believe it belongs in this section. We have developed a phone system which can be powered from several sources, even solar. It is better suited for bug in or bug out locations but can be portable. Totally secure comms so you wouldn't have to worry about Joe Scanner listening in. The system is being tested by the FCC right now. I'll update you as soon as everything is up and running.
That is interesting, I can see where that is an easy to configure controller. But the concept has been done before without the circuit board.

It is not hard to create a point to point phone or a 12 point with a master and 11 slave phones with ring down ability with a 12v power supply.
That is true. This is another option for people. The exciting concept for me is what's in the works regarding using a headset instead of telephone. Also what is handy with this system is the ability to charge the battery from many different sources including solar.
I appreciate your feedback. if you have any other thoughts or questions feel free to get ahold of me.
The only problem I see with the SoftBaugh design is that there is not a ringdown capability. It is a modified two channel point to point.
(05-07-2016, 09:33 PM)Tsquare Wrote: The only problem I see with the SoftBaugh design is that there is not a ringdown capability. It is a modified two channel point to point.

If you are referring to the ability to ring the other line as soon as you pick up there is a reason for that. The ring interface module can be silenced with just the small led lighting up to signal an incoming call in case the person on the receiving end is in a danger close scenario. Also the ring module buzzer button can be used as a morse code signal system. Say for instance, a watchman on the outer perimeter is hunkered down in deep cover with " trespassers " nearby. He can silently send a message through the buzzer back to the main area. I hope you understand the scenario. We tried to incorporate some options with this system.
I fully understand.

Good luck with your project.
Very interesting.

I know you are looking at funding at this point but what will be the cost if gets funded?
The main unit(main phone operator), rechargeable battery, 4 ring modules ( they would be the "perimeter " phone operators , 4 sets of 25' phone cables ( longer wire is easy to use with wall jacks), 2 wall jacks for $100. That's why I'm hoping to meet our goal. I know I've blown $100 on prepping supplies before and come nowhere near something like this. $150 for everything if our goal isn't met.
I've attempted to sticky this thread.We've got another type of secure comms,yer Idea is interesting.'08.
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