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Homesteading and DIY heaters
So, like many of us, I've got a dream of owning a prepper cabin.  I'm very interested in sustainability energy and all that good stuff.  My parents are doing the RV thing cross country so we talk about appliances in the RVs and such.  I'm also a BIG fan of solar power..

I've got a 'problem' that I'm tossing around. I'm trying to figure out how to safely HEAT a small (like 200 sqft) single room cabin.  The same solution could be used for an RV, Tiny house,  etc..

My parameters are 'SAFE' (meaning no open flame, that's too easy) and sustainable (meaning, self powered).

Things I've pondered

'eco' wall heaters.. through an inverter, through a solar system.  Downside?  very low btu output and even at 450w AC input, still too much for solar to handle.

12v 'trucker' heaters.  downside? not NEARLY enough heat output.

radiant heater/hot water in the concrete slab/heat exchanger/heat pump..  maybe??

What other options are out there for a low power, (hopefully 12v heating system?)

this is more to bounce ideas around..
Here is a 12v heater that draws heat from a vehicle's radiator system. I thought that this could be an interesting basis for a 12v radiant heating system, through pipes in the foundation and a heat exchanger. The 12v current draw is certainly low enough, but I don't think the BTU output is enough, even for 200 sq ft
Here's a couple of options:

I know you don't want an open flame, but if you're home I've seen this often touted as a very good source of heat.  And tea candles are cheap and plentiful.  Perhaps it may offer ideas...

Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

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I just got back from Florida where most people have hot water heaters pipes on their roofs. I stared at them, engineered something in my head about 100 times, and came to the conclusion that I don't think there would be enough specific heat to be able to warm the space enough for it to make a difference. it would be fun as hell to try though... but having a 30 gallon barrel on the roof should warm up enough for a hot water shower for sure.
I'm in NY so solar heat may be good, but nfg in the winter
Maybe not what your looking for but I like heaters I've seen for cabins/homes are the outdoor furnaces ( wood ) that pipe in the hot water to the house ( insulated pipes , under ground ). Run efficiently , heat well and keep the mess outside

I'm thinking that with average skills, something could be made to work the same way and just use a 12v pump to circulate the water thru the system into cabin.
Has anyone looked into geothermal heating/cooling.
The ground water temp here in Florida is about 75oF, which is perfect. I typically have the AC set at 80oF overnight, and 62oF during the winter.
If my AC unit ever dies (only about 10 years old right now), I will be looking awfully hard at geothermal.

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