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2 Consecutive ARs
If you're looking to do some prepping or know some people who need ARs, this is what you've been looking for. 

2 identical AR-15s
Professionally assembled by a local gunsmith. 
1/7 16" melonited barrels
10" free float keymod forends
Melonited BCGs
Built on consecutively serial numbered Anderson lowers that were checked for specs before assembly. 
Cerro Forge Keyhole marked uppers.

I had 3 of these made up as backups or loaners, but I need the money for other things. I sold one locally and have two to sell. I have them listed for $1,450 locally and would do that price shipped for you guys. I'll ship them out from my dealer to yours on my dime.
[Image: 20160305_124331.jpg]
Each or for both.'08.
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$1,450 shipped for both.
Do they have iron sights or do optics need to be installed?

I see 3 mags pictured, is that part of the deal?  Or other?

Nice looking!
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They are flat tops. They would need either optics or irons mounted.

The original sale included a case of 100 Pmags. Those have already sold as well.

This is just for the two remaining rifles. Brand new, unfired, consecutively serialed.

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