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Buyer beware
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Passing along some negative experiences I've had over the last year.  At one time I had ordered several products (mostly flashlight related stuff) from Fasttech, Deal Extreme, Gear Best and Banggood.  All of them, with the exception of Deal Extreme started off fairly decent.  Good prices for the most part and free shipping.  Being Chinese based the shipping was usually pretty slow (2-3 week range and sometimes a tad longer).  But they just started getting longer and longer and each of them in turn stated they shipped something but never actually did.  Gear Best, for me, was the last straw.  It's been around 45+ days since I ordered and they've claimed to have shipped.  I had to do a CC dispute for a refund as their CS was giving me the run around (resolved in my favor).  Deal Extreme was crappy from the git-go and the products I received were sub-standard and not as advertised.

Some have had steady and good service with them.  Unfortunately I wasn't one of them.  So basically I'm done with all four of them.  Just passing this on so you can be aware.  I'll use U.S. based companies as much as I can now.  They may be a tad more expensive but at least I actually get the product, the product as advertised and the product in a few days to a week.
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