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You go on line to Machete Specialists and look. Gives you an idea of what is available. A number of different designs and functions.

Machete is just a generic term. You could buy a WW2 type machete designed for the South Pacific or a machete double the length and designed to cut sugar cane.

I like the site because of the sheath availability. There are all kinds of sheaths. My latest project was cleaning and resharpening a collection of swords and machetes. Then going on line a evaluating how to do sheaths (or buy them) so that I could do over the shoulder, behind the back and over the backpack carries. Do you really want to carry a WW2 type machete or a 22 inch long machete in just a waist carry? Do you trust a machete to always stay in an unsecured fashion in a vertical sheath? I also have 10/12/14 inch butcher knives that did not come with sheaths or protection covers. So, off to Machete Specialists to get them.
Old thread but I'll bite. I currently have two machetes which I keep in my truck and use constantly for trimming branches and bush whacking on my hunting property. They are pretty much basic south American ones, a 24" and a 14".

Here is a source for a variety pack.

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