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What are your favorite machete mine is the two handed machete by cold steel.
Well, Harbor Freight and Tools has one for $6.... Big Grin

That CS one you have is really nice.  Someone else had a new one (Bob or Shane)?

I see Les Stroud has come out with a new one through Camillus.

I don't actually have a machete at the moment so I'll view this thread with great interest.
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I have been using Tramontina latin Machetes for a decade now cheap and cheerful but do require some finish work mainly the handle needs reshaping and wrapping with hockey tape and i reprofile it as well. Current one is 4 years old still bomb proof, i gave my previous one to my son for his 12th and it is still in perfect knick after teaching the lad proper care and attention.

Well, I am loving my Cold Steel All Terrain.

That said - I have done some serious damage to the back yard with just a plain old Lowes generic machete.
I have a Gerber Gator Machete Jr on my BO rig. It is not a heavy duty machete and came with a ho-hum edge. The metal is soft so it will sharpen easily but it will also dull down fairly quickly. The sawblade back edge is a nice little extra.

I also have a spanish steel Kukri design but it is a bit heavy with a 24" blade. It is made of high carbon steel and I believe it could do what the Kukri was designed to do.
Anyone tried the bear grylls machete, my daughter fancies one of the small version as she can not handle my tramontina very well. Is it rubbish or worth the $$$$$ ? since it's redisign ?
I bought a very nice one at a local hardware store. Don't use it much except on the snow machine when I'm bush whacking. Then I will have it strapped across the handle bars for easy access. We had machetes when I was a kid and used them to make trails through the jungle (PNW) we lived in. Had hatchets too, but these days I prefer a chain saw and an ax.
I purchased the BG small parang because it fits inside my GHB/weekend bag. Took it out for a stroll yesterday in NE Florida. I was immediately attacked by saw palmetto, devils tongue vines, strangler vines and wild grape vines. It conquered them all. I cut a 2" sapling and created a spear to protect me from the dreaded Florida mosquitoes (did not work). Cutting small branches for a lunch fire was easy. I don't like BG but i am glad I bought this machete.
I have the Gerber Gator Jr for the pack now, the handle of the big Gerber Gator sticks out of the top to far. I like this knife just fine but it doesn't chop the larger limbs as fast as the longer one. Concealment is part of the key tho.
Cold Steel Heavy. Warps? Hammer and flat surface..dull? File and stone, ceramic...razor..done!
Handle...your HAND will cook before it me..I've cut 5 inch logs, limbs, furniture, boxes, couches...dudes...that thing is BAD...
"As a matter of Survival, ALL. CREATURES ARE FAIR GAME!"

Les Stroud Big Grin

Special snowflakes will be melted and consumed...I need to stay hydrated!

Big Grin

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