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Introduction thread - intro yourself
Welcome, plenty of good read here. Kick back and enjoy...
I can tell you exactly when we started and what the event was that caused us to take up prepping. I have had hunting/fishing supplies, some camping gear, and little odds and ends all my life, but never really organized into anything until after July 19, 2006.

My wife was at church on Wednesday evening and I was at home when a massive thunderstorm rolled into the St. Louis area. Trees were knocked down, power lines taken out, buildings damaged/destroyed. I checked with wife, she and daughter where ok, so I headed into work. I manned the EMS Supervisor SUV and we called in additional crews and manned every ambulance we had, which wasn't enough. Over the next six hours we responded to one call after another. Around 2AM, I finally got off work and came home to no power. It was hotter than all get out. I decided to go and sleep in the Home Depot parking lot and as soon as the opened, I bought a generator and air conditioning window unit. That was my first step in prepping. (Article on the storms

We survived the week without power thanks to the generator and we learned a lot on what we weren't prepared to handle and how much we took for grant it. So, we continued to prepare making little improvements and who would of guessed, December of 2006 we once again found ourselves in another natural disaster. This time we were without power for three days. Yet, we were a little better prepared. We survived it, but learned once again things we needed to improve on.

So these two situations set us up to move into the prepping life. Since then we have been out of power for a few hours here and there, put we are in much better shape to handle it. We still would like one day to get a whole house generator, but just haven't budgeted for it yet.

As you can see it wasn't a zombie attack or a massive pandemic that got us into being prepared, but two storms that hit. Since that time we have come along ways into being better prepared and self sufficient for days at a time.

Thanks to DeputyDave for the invite and I hope to learn a lot.
Welcome to the board and thanks for sharing your story.  Nothing quite like the weather to motivate one to get more prepared.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
Welcome Bmyres, Good story. Lots of good stuff to read here and if you get a chance, you should go camping with these guys= good times!..
Thanks for the welcome!
Bmyers - greetings!

One of my favorite survival gurus has always said - "Most preppers are ready for a year long siege with zombie biker gangs, but couldn't get through a week without electricity"

That does NOT sound like you! Welcome. Dave has done a really awesome job of archiving a lot of practical and useful resources here.
Thanks Bob.

My preparing (prepping) came out of necessity. My career path was EMS/Fire Service and as such I had to have a basic level of preparation since I was always responding. When the storms hit, that expanded my approach to take care of my family. Since that time, my wife and I have tried to increase our knowledge base and equipment.
I did Disaster Prep for .Gov. for a while. Real eye opener....

By the way - just "testing" this - ignore image

[Image: IMG_1248_zps9df56339.jpg]
Hello from Western NC,
Just signed up after an invite by Deputy Dave. Look forward to learning and passing on what I know to others.
Welcome aboard.

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