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When survival shows go wrong.
With so many of them teaching so many different things, I can see some young folks and survival greenhorns making some big mistakes. It really pays to do your homework and study up before you try anything. 

Your input?
Les Stroud has been very vocal in stating that every 'survival' show (other than Survivorman) is pure crap.  And he has the credentials, experience and insider information to make that charge.  These other shows are often scripted to some extent, an entire crew surrounds the hosts or contestants (possibly with the exception of Alone).  Whereas Les is truly on his own and not only has to actually survive but film it which makes it a double strain.  Yes, he has a safety crew in a base camp miles away but he often cannot contact them even with the sat-phone in the locations he goes to.  So other shows have a camera man, sound man with a microphone, producer, director, safety man and other technicians directly with the hosts (and just off camera), Les is all by himself and often completely out of contact with any crew.  Shots of him by a crew member are taken as he's dropped off or by drone before he's dropped off.

He's made the charge that Naked and Afraid is all scripted for drama and I can see that in many of the episodes.  Alone may be the one exception to the rule, which is a refreshing change. 

I was an ardent Dual Survivor fan during seasons 1 and 2 and learned a lot.  Even if scripted, I think those seasons were much more 'pure' than other seasons, at least initially.  And Cody and Dave DID know what they were doing and DID know the proper things to teach.  Too be honest, I don't even know when it's on anymore and with the two new guys I haven't really cared that much to find out.  

Mykel and Ruth Hawke however did do a good job in my opinion and were as realistic as could be accomplished even with crews around them.  And as he taught her he was teaching the audience.  So thumbs up there for a good job.  

But all in all I think that Les Stroud's show is the most realistic to what would be faced by a real person in an emergency situation.  He shows it all, the ups and downs and the dirty side of survival and that it isn't fun.  

I feel sorry for the people that think Joe knows what he's doing.  He clearly does not.  And these two new guys, from the little I've seen, aren't impressing me in any way, shape or form.  And the one guys voice and mannerisms are frankly annoying.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
"I feel sorry for the people that think Joe knows what he's doing. He clearly does not. And these two new guys, from the little I've seen, aren't impressing me in any way, shape or form. And the one guys voice and mannerisms are frankly annoying."

Agreed 100%.

Its why I'm glad to an extent that Man Vs Wild is gone. And I still applaud Cody for his letter of rebuke to Obama.

Joe.... I've read that there's a bit of misconception that he was special forces in the marines. But he was like doing contractors security. I'm not quite sure. I do know this, I learned more skills in basic training than this guy.

As far as the new guys, I like Grady only because he's likeable. He and his know-it-all partner haven't shown me anything more than their predecessors.

And back to square one. Kids and unknowing newbies to survival and self reliance watch these folks and think we'll it worked for these guys.......
Have you ever seen the show fat guys in the woods it's a good show that Creek Stewart host in the smoky mountains out of the duel surviving crew Matt was my favorite because I think he not surviving he is living. Dave not bad either he just wants to push through and some time s you need to take your time.
I've seen Fat Guys In the Woods one time when my son was in the hospital. I was flipping through channels and found it on the Travel Channel. I liked it but haven't seen it in a long time. Not sure when it comes on. Creek is pretty informative and I like how he makes sure these guys are paying attention to what he's telling them.

Dave, Cody and Matt were the best of Dual Survival. And I hate to see that they're gone. Matt in particular should be on another show where he can really unleash his knowledge to the public. I kind of liken him to Les Stroud. And think a similar show would be great.
Fat guys in the woods comes on the weather channel I applied for the show to take my son and nephews just to give them the experience but show was already booked for the season.
Ghost, I'd go as far as to say you'd be a good one for a survival show.
Lol you know I have tried out for survivor 5 times made it to interviews and nothing try out for top shot alone and fat guys in the woods one day maybe I can yous all the knowledge I have I just hope I am not stuck on a island that no one knows I am on
Well, I have to hand it to you, you're certainly a better candidate for these shows than most I've seen.

I've said it many times, Alone is the best show I've seen in a long while. Being completely on your own, just you the wilderness, the unknown and your skills. I've learned more off this show than most survival shows here lately.
Yeah I don't agree with most of the shows push push push and come out your average Joe not in shape to do all of that if they get 5 miles a day that would be good some of the guys on the show are pushing 10+miles a day that would kill most not counting if your hurt or sick some times staying where you are is better.

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