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Cold Weather Camping
Not sure where some of you fellows are  Like~Southern States.~North & South Carolina's Georgia Northern Florida
But some thought to carry less for winter camping or a survial situation...about 3 tiems come to mind for sleeping
1. Space Blanket 2.Wool Blanket  3. Insulated Coveralls.

Idea is to use the space Blanket as a lean too reflector  ..wrap the wool blanket around you in the insulated coveralls(Duck Cloth)
of course a fire out in front....This will  elimanate the use of a sleeping will be toasty warm..

Being safe from sparks by the fire..(if any) with the wool & duck cloth..I have done this while I lived in Wisconsin  in the 20's temp

Good stuff. I've used all of this except the coveralls. And keep these things in my truck. I posted in the hammock thread about the last time my cuz and I went camping, through the day the weather wasn't bad at all. About 10pm the temperature dropped. Got down into the low 30s and we got frosty. The wind chill was pretty bad. Fed the fire a bit and I wrapped myself in my wool blanket and zipped up in my sleeping bag. The heat reflecting off the space blanket onto that wool and trapped inside the sleeping bag. It made a significant difference. This was just a camping trip. Sleep is much more important in a real situation. And a good sleep makes or breaks morale and health.
If you look in the hammock thread I have a link to that roll of reflectix insulation.  Very light and inexpensive and folds up tight.  Like a common man's heavy duty space blanket. But not as durable.  Works though and you can get it in various widths.
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I used a regularspace blanket. Worked pretty well, if a bit crinkly.

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