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Parasites and Illness In Game Animals
I was talking to a guy at work about squirrel and rabbit hunting. He informed me to be wary when processing game. He said to cut into the liver and inspect for white spots and abnormalities as these are signs of parasites and disease. Sure enough, the last time my cuz and I went out to get some squirrels, we came across a spotted liver. 

I've done a little research and found this website:

What experiences and information can you share on this topic? Can these critters still be cooked up (over cooked) and maybe still be ok? Or, completely discard it?
I have eat many squirrel over the years I always par boil them first the bread and fry I would think that cooked well it would be fine.
Nice link.
Very good link.
Les Stroud suffered with parasites in the roof of his mouth for a year because of a turtle he ate during one of his shows.  

Quote:You bring up the subject of pathogens. I know you’ve gotten sick on the show before—what have you contracted while shooting your show?

More often, it’s from water. But I did get a nasty parasite in my mouth one time that created all of these nasty snaking lesions. And I don’t know what gave it to me, but I’m suspicious that it was a turtle I ate on Survivorman in Georgia.
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