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Interesting Shelter
Found this today. Far too rich for me but a land mine of creativity. What's your thoughts on it? Let's get the creative juices flowing.
I saw one of these in Europe back in the 90's. I took some pictures and showed them to a buddy who drew out plans with yellow pine on the outside and red cedar on the inside. The sauna heater can be sourced from a few different companies. I would like a sauna next to my pool at my dream house...
When I saw this thing, I thought itd make a great little bug out shelter. Extremely small, can be tucked away in a little corner of the woods. The sauna/ heating aspect of the deal sparked my interest. If I can find or possibly make something close to this it'd be a major benefit in my prepping endeavors. I know I can't be the only one who's ever seen one of these and had the idea.
The drawings I have are a little bit different. Similar outside dimensions but the the inside is all right angles for the floor and sides.

A simple and inexpensive building is a a pole barn with a poured slab and walls. My nieces mother (my wife's, brother's, first wife) is building a house out of a pole barn design. She is going to end up with a 2100 sq ft house with 12 ft ceilings and a metal roof. She said it is about half of what a traditional house would cost. I am going to be wiring it with CAT6 in a few weeks and setting up the wireless network (the CAT6 is for the security cameras).
In my experience a used travel trailer is just about ideal as a shelter. It is portable and completely self contained. They are set up to run on 12V, propane and 12V. Add an extra battery or two, maybe a solar panel and a generator. They already have beds, tables, cupboards, sinks, bathrooms etc. For long term you might want to build a cover over it, maybe add some insulation around the bottom for cold weather, some plastic storm windows help as well. I see trailers set up like that at hunting camps that have been there for 50 years.

I used an old $500 travel trailer on my property for 7 years. I then bought a 12x16' shed kit at a lumber yard. It included all the wood, nails, roofing, plans etc and was delivered. I built is on a raised platform, added a house door instead of the barn doors it came with, insulated it, added a couple windows from a garage sale. I then stripped the trailer of appliances and light, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and put them in the shed. I can run everything on 120v, 12V or propane just like a trailer. And since it's just a shed, the township tax accessor ignored it.

Good information and pretty cool website!
If I had the time and money, I'd invest in one of these.

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