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'45 Willis Jeep
We had a Willis Jeep on the farm when I was growing up. I still have it on the farm. It has sat with a tarp over it for the past 30 years as the cracked block finally locked up in the early 80's and Dad pushed it to the back of the barn. We drove it with a cracked block and it spewing water for 10 years before it died. 

This Jeep is one of the Ford GPW units that had the 9-slot front grill. It has been used and abused. The plan was to drop another 134 CI 4-cylinder back into it and drive it till it died again. Too much time has passed and it is going to need a full restoration.  I pulled the engine, transmission, and transfer case out of it this past weekend and pressure washed the engine compartment and underside of the chassis. 

It is going to need a new front suspension in addition to the bad engine and the other obvious items. I am looking at my options as the 134 4-banger was not very fuel efficient and a bit anemic on power. I am leaning towards a Cummins 4BT turbo diesel. The 4BT will easily fit into the engine compartment as well as a T-5 manual transmission. They are also readily available as they were installed in GM panel vans and UPS trucks in the mid-80's till about 2010.

It is still in the planning stages but this is probably going to to a long term project.
That's pretty much the holy grail of Jeepdom. Good luck, keep us informed.
Yeah, what Mac said, I'd love to be there to help...
Sounds like a thread that needs before, during and after pics!
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The windshield has been long missing as well as the doors and top. The seats are out of a Ford Pinto and are full of holes. It has been rolled at least once as the roll bar is canted to the driver side. Both front fenders will need to be replaced. I laid it on it's side as well back when I was a teenager. The body is bent and wrinkled but it is fairly rust free. The tires are dry rotted but they had also been changed out to mud grips back in the 70's.

My thoughts were to walnut blast it and paint it back to an OD green as somewhere along the line it was repainted gray (green is showing through in many spots). Since the front suspension is shot I have a lot of options there. A 3" lift to allow for an oversize 33" mil pattern tread is also appealing. It has the Dana axles and they are supposed to be geared at 4.88 so going to a larger tire should not be a problem with an engine that has twice the HP as the original 55-60 HP power plant that came in it.

I will take the camera next time I go work on it.

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