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Survival and Preparedness 2016
This thread might be a mix of others. But, Seeing the state of our country and world right now, 2016 just might be the year we may have to rely on our preps and skills. I'm not trying to sound crazy or paranoid. But the dynamics of America could very well change forever as we know it by Election Day. That is if we make it that far. 

With that said, we should check our gear a bit more often, do we have enough gear (fire sources, water filters, batteries, etc)  and make sure our skills are sharp. How often do you train and practice with your gear? Do you do any real world scenario practice? Do you talk to others about preparedness? Just something to think about and reflect on.
I'm very blessed that my cousin has taken up preparedness/wilderness survival. Having someone to talk to and show what you've learned really helps. Plus, I get more opportunities to use and test my own gear. I can say that in addition to what I've learned so far, I've learned much more from our trips.
I try to use what I have for preparedness as often as I can.
I cook every weekend there is sun with my solar oven--prepare food for the week.
I try to set up and run my radios off of solar panels as often as possible.
I try to use for (beans and such) that I have stored when I can--rotating them through.
Have I done well? Not so much the last 9 months or so. I still use my solar oven (with a hay oven as a finisher when needed) every weekend there is sun, but I have been so busy lately, that I have let other things slip.
Of course, I have re-vowed to try to not let it slip again. As long as I can keep starting, I have not really stopped!
(01-04-2016, 08:01 PM)JRSC Wrote: How often do you train and practice with your gear? 

That's a pivotal question.  It determines who does this as lifestyle and who does it as a hobby.  Do we just buy a lot of cool stuff that's tacticool or do we have a well-reasoned plan in place and the gear to support the plan?  And even further, do we have the training, knowledge and experience to use that gear to support the plan?  

Our SEP gatherings allows us to use some of our gear in a real world setting.  It allows us to see where we have gaps that need to be filled.

And resources, including this board, allow me/us to see the approach of others.  More than once I've read something from someone here and realized I was deficient in an area I hadn't previously considered.

Quote:Do you do any real world scenario practice?

One of the easiest things to do is shut the power off at the breaker box for 24 hours.  That quickly reveals areas of deficiency, at least in the short term.  Shut if off for a week starts to reveal some longer range needs.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
I use my stuff ALL THE TIME.

Disasters happen every day/week.mont, even if as small as "I need something to attach the sheet to the couch for the dog"
- True story, pulled out the pack, handed over four tarp clips and two bungees - done!

If my preps don't make Thursday any better than they make a CAtegory 5 hurricane, they are not really good preps to me.

I do not prep for the state of the world today - in the grander scheme of things I don't think it has realistically changed any in the past 50 years. Media just makes it seem like it has.

Example: 50 years ago you didn't know about EMP. And today, you probably have no idea about EMP missile defense. And wether the grid is hit by a big storm, a terrorists, or simple age and decay….doesn't matter; The power went out - what do I do now?

The source of the issue is always a distraction that let's us get absorbed into the politics and fear of things, as opposed to focussing on the essentials of dealing with conditions.

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