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Why do YOU workout?
Because I'm 38 with a 28 year old girlfriend. Because I hate looking in the mirror and seeing a belly. Because I hate calling an early night because I'm out of energy. Because I believe that the world we live in is going to change and that you will need to be fit to make it. Because I lived with a very old woman who had given up on life, who was visited by a friend the same age who walked 5 miles a day.

And mostly because I'm sick of my pants not fitting.

I'm finally working in my diet better. I do 100 kettle ball swings, 100 pallof presses and walk 1.5 miles a day.
1.  One day, I was at the doctor's office.  Putting aside all the non related problems, I had some physical pain.  In fact, I told the doctor that I had three options in dealing with the pain:  surgery/pills/physical exercise and I wanted to choose the third option.  It is now about 6 years later - and a lot of research.  No pain.  Exercises take about 1 hour a day.  Done every day of the week unless I am totally sick.  Done outside, in the sun, and require only a mat on the ground.  No special equipment.

2.  In doing my research over the last 6 six years, I understand that I could have avoided rotatory cuff surgery on both arms if I had followed a simple program of exercise as well.

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