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Why do YOU workout?
Back when I was turning 40 my son, who was around six, walked into the bathroom where I was standing in my shorts and no shirt because I was shaving.  He stood there looking at me with a Batman action figure in his hands.  He looked at his action figure and then at me and then asked me why I didn't look like his action figure.  At that moment I took a long, hard look at myself in the mirror and realized I'd let myself go.  Well, that was all I needed to make a commitment.  I bought a Gold's Gym bench from Walmart, a 300lbs Olympic bar set from Sports Authority and I started lifting.  As time went on I got a piece of equipment here and there, mostly at garage sales.  I built up a decent gym in my garage with a power rack w/pulley system for rows and pull downs, bench that inclines, T-bar, hex bar for dead lifting, multiple bars and fairly close to 1000lbs of weights. 

Lifted with a strong commitment for over seven years and the goal was a natural body building competition.  Just to have done it.  Got hit with a heart problem and had to have surgery a couple of years ago.  That took a lot of the wind out of my sails.  Lifted a bit here and there since then but never was able to get my motivation back fully. 

Until now. 

Just turned 50 last month and I'm on vacation right now so I started the Gorilla workout which is an app you can download.   Mainly body weight stuff to get back into it.  Decided that 'Someday is not a day of the weekand decided to get my butt back out into the garage and get it done.  I know that being in good physical shape helps mentally as well.  It also helps cope with injury and illness so that goes into the 'prepper' mindset as well.  And of course my job can get quite physical in an instant.   I started a log here on the board to add motivation as well.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
Cardio only for me in my stage of life (biking and swimming). Any weight training tends to bulk me up and work keeps my muscle tone fairly in check.
I just turned 49 last month and have a similar story as yours.

4 months ago I couldn't hold a 5 pound weight over my head with my left arm.

Months of the barbells, crunches and aerobics, with the last couple weeks doing the stationary bike twice a day has been literally life changing.

I've gone from not being sure if I could go back to a full time job to feeling good enough to rule the world. Still in boat loads of pain, but the health and fitness has helped the pain a little and made me functional as a human being where I wasn't before injuring my neck in May of 2014. In some ways the pain is a tool now, that keeps me focused.

Now I've started my own company and when my weight and size stabilize, I'm going to go buy a couple sharp suits and land some clients for my new business. My brother the bodybuilder has been a good influence, and I owe my "life 2.0" to health and fitness. But, oh boy, at 49, every half hour session on the bike is like losing a fight. It's a little better now that I've settled into a groove.

So, to answer the question, I work out because it's either that or give up. Working out every day nullifies most of my health issues. My new mantra is

"Good pain or bad: choose"
Kinda went through the wringer the last ten years or so myself. Knee replacement, ankle/foot rebuild, open heart surgery to replace a bad valve, elbow rebuilt due to a bicycle crash and some intestinal issues. Lost 76 lbs a little over a year ago and working out almost every day is the only way to keep it off. Now at 61 I am healthier and stronger than I've been in 20 years. Probably going to have another knee replaced in the next year or two but I'll be in pretty good shape to get through it.
I was injured.  Now, years later.  69 years old.  No pain.  I do over an hour a day of a combination of Pilates/Yoga/Kaiser exercises - face up or face down on the ground.  Every day.  I ride a bike about a mile a day to keep those muscles limber.  Today, I did a few hours of Argentine tango on top of the regular exercises.  I also try to take one or two walks a day.  I have a Pilates machine, cross country ski machine and another Precor  machine that I can use as well, but the exercises on the ground must be done.  You see Superman fly.  There is an exercise called superman with you lying on your stomach with outstretched arms and legs lifted and held off the ground.  That type of exercise.

Getting old is the pits.  Being in bad physical shape as you age is not acceptable.  Two of my brothers are about my age.  We are all having surgeries this month.  They swim 5 days a week.
It is now nearly a year later. 

I did my daily walk.  Taking a break from the daily prone/ground exercises to go take a bike ride.

You don't have to do a lot to keep in shape; just exercise the different muscle groups and find some form of exercise to do every day.
Physical fitness is overlooked by a lot of folks. It always cracks me up when the vultures talk about carrying 1,000s of rounds of ammo and 3 guns but haven't walked any further than the local taco bell in 10 years...

My wife and I have been students of tae-kwon-do (TKD) for the past 6 years and its a great total body workout. I learn a lot of solid self defense from Hapkido also. I used to workout a lot by lifting weights and running/swimming/sports. Now I have limited time so I knock out some isometric exercises at home and get my cardio from TKD. I also have to do some PT at home due to back issues I'm trying to mitigate. I wouldn't say I'm in shape but I'm no slouch...
Why do I work out ?
The bride of 40 yrs is pushing my butt!

I'm early 60's and in ok shape. I can still chop and split my own wood ( not as much when younger tho, and now it involves advil )
But the wife is a high mileage runner ( something I'll never be ), I'd rather just hike.
Still, I do know as we get up there in yrs, you start to loose muscle... that can bring in all sorts of other issues ( like lower back pain,etc )

So as much as I like to blame the wife, I do it for me... I plan to hang around a lot longer and it isn't worth it if you don't have good health/fitness

Normal routine is 30 mins inclined walking machine, upper body with weights and regular sit-ups...min of every other day / 5x week
Why? In no particular order:

Nat. Guard officer- to excel on PT test and my job (Infantry) as well as set the example for NCOs and soldiers.
General health and fitness
Personal pride/confidence
Self defense-SHTF

I don't particularly like working out, but have been doing it all my life and my workouts are very time-efficient. I'll keep doing it after I'm out of the military, the benefits are just too great not to.
You can read my story in the log that is here:

I really enjoy spending the time with the wife every morning at the gym. I'm feeling better about myself and I'm able to move around better. I can't wait to see where I'm at in a year from now. My 47th birthday is fastly approaching and I would of never thought that having a membership and going to the gym everyday would be one of those things that I enjoy.

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