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Your EDC flashlight
I've swapped over to all AAA lights except on my keychain.
Around Christmas I picked up a MecArmy Illuminex-4 and it's an impressive little light.
MecArmy Illuminex-4 Aluminum 130 Lumen Rechargeable Micro-Size LED Flashlight with Micro USB Quick Recharging

In all vehicles, gun bags, and my pocket organizer I have streamlight stylus pro or microstream lights with spare batteries. I love the form factor of these lights and the commonly available batteries.
I have a shelf of Flashlights down in the basement. I have about a dozen flashlights that have rechargeable batteries sitting ready to go there. Every month I turn them on and run them down and then re-charge to keep them ready.
I purchased an Olight H1R for my wife (

She works at the post office and they have lost power a few times recently. This gives her a light she can clip to her pocket and use it or wear it as a headlamp depending on what she is needing. She leaves it charging in her SUV so it is ready to go when she might need it.

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