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Preparedness and Thanksgiving.
Turkey Cooker = amazing prep:

#1 Most days of the week, and especially holidays; Cook a juicy turkey (which is generally cheap meat) in under 60 minutes, or a crap ton of chicken wings for a football game.
#2 Oil is reusable a whole lot of times, oil burns, has a high smoke point, can be bio-fuel if you are into that.
#3 Uses propane - handy in Grid down
#4 Pot can be used to boil ~ 10gallons of water at a time.

Happy Thanksgiving guys!
Good point. When I was a scoutmaster we had two big turkey boilers for heating water on campouts. You can boil enough water for a whole troop with those things pretty quickly. Whether it's water for cooking or for washing up before hand or doing dishes after those things were awesome.
We have one of these also, the burner would also be good for general cooking or a back up for your gas grill. Cool thread Bob.

I also bought one just for my smelting station= for casting 9mm projectiles.
There's some ideas here I haven't thought of. I have an electric, I need to get a gas cooker.
Just as an fyi, my turkey fryer pot is also my beer making wort pot.
I have not thrown the Wok over the Turkey burner….yet.

The Turkey cooker is just an awesome device period. Electric ≠ Gas. Gas > electric (almost) always….

That thing is like a grill with an afterburner. It can kick out the BTU's when full on!

Beer, eh? Hmmm……

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