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Hunting tips
When I was in high school, I went hunting with WW2 vets. At the time, I knew that they were doing hunting wrong and I didn't know enough then to understand why. Today, I understand. Tips: 1. study the animals that you hunt via youtube; 2. practice patience; 3. take an animal tracking class or two.

I took an animal tracking class from an offshoot school affiliated with Tom Brown. (I disclose that I had previous classes in mantracking/animal tracking). The guy decided to spring a test on us on the last morning. He took me to see a single track and asked me what I could tell him. I correctly identified a coyote, when the track was made, what the coyote was doing at the moment. I also said if I were allowed to follow for a few yards, I could tell whether it was female or male (has to do with the difference in hip width). You don't have to be that good, just able to identify the trail of what you hunt and know its habits.

I watched a video of a guy taking a ram with a blowgun at a watering tank in Texas. He waited in the tank for 7 HOURS! If you want to become a good hunter, in addition to knowing the habits of the game (deer are diurnal and rest during the day at or near what is called the military crest on a hillside), you have to learn patience. It is the same patience that a sniper must master. I have a 120 acre woodlot that backs onto a state game preserve (no hunting allowed in the preserve). My neighbors have written permission and maintain deer stands and cameras. They hunt with patience. I receive pictures of bear/turkey/deer. Yet, if you walked the property, you would probably see nothing.
If you ask my daughter all you have to do it go out and sit in a blind an hour before dark on a beautiful October afternoon using a cross bow you shot three times an hour before that.

If you ask her dad, all you have to do is improve the property for 20 years, spend thousands of dollars to build and maintain food plot(s), make bedding areas, improve habitat and cut trail systems. Then scout the area two or three times a week for a couple months before the season opens to know where to put the blind and when the deer will be there. Easy, peasy! Wink
I like your daughter's idea of hunting better.
Here's a tip my dad told me....

Don't walk through water higher than your boots.

For some reason though I always seemed to find the deep spot when driving the swamp.

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