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Eating Utensils
Back when I was in the military I had a fork, spoon, and knife that I carried when I went on deployment. I didn't use the issue utensils. I had a set of polished aluminum Sea-to-Summit similar to this:
[Image: 7bddfc9e-72e6-46a3-aec2-cebcb1d0f33a?size=440]
This set is aluminum but it is now anodized. Somewhere in the past few years the spoon went missing on my set. I have been looking for a replacement but I have not found one. I have been looking at the KA BAR Hobo and the Case Hobo knives as well as more traditional camping sets. Does anybody have any experience with camping utensils?
I took a old spoon and old fork cut them in half drill two holes and pin them together had one for 25 years still going strong I keep it with my canteen cup.

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