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I really like this show. Last season was kinda dumb IMO but it's about the most interesting show I've ever seen because it's real survival from the average person. I reckon next season may be all the winners if they can get them? I hope this show continues for a while.
So, a little over 1 week and 3 contestants down. However 2 were serious issues... this competition seems to be going quick. For those who think things are tough now, winter is coming. Although it might be a short season!
What time is it on? I always seem to miss it.
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10 pm. A little late but it's convenient sometimes.
anyone watching the new season? My bet is on the the long haired younger guy from Utah who built the cabin
I'm sticking with Sam! Britt and Larry are a toss up on second place. But it wouldn't surprise if it's between Larry dropping out again over emotional issues and Sam winning.
I really, really dislike Larry. I dislike the fact that I have to mute my television when Larry goes on a 10 minute curse binge at the weather.
Sam is in bad physical shape. I like the kid, I hope that he pulls through. I'd be happy with either Sam or Britt.. Britt has a great attitude but I think Sam has better skills. I am disappointed in both of their shelters though.
Larry has deep issues. He can't live with himself. I remember on the reunion show after season 2, they asked him about his mood swings, he just played it off and said it was dark on his side of the island and he wasn't getting enough sunlight and vitamin D...... there's plenty of sunlight and vitamin D where he's at now! Lol! Same attitude!
I'm really happy that Sam won it. Larry spent 2 seasons telling everyone how he had no friends or family for him to miss, then broke down missing his family. I think that Larry did have some sort of psych breakthrough and will be a better person now, but I'm really happy that Sam and his family get to have a better life.

Britt was a good guy as well. Humble. I wouldn't have minded him winning but it sounds like Sam really needed it

I wonder how many people would stick it out if the prize money was 'ONLY' $50k or $100k. Which is a nice piece, but I don't think it's as life changing as $500k

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