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I too did not think Nicole would go the distance, but she seems to be happy as a clam. I figured she was the typical hippy dippy chick that is all about nature, until she has to spend some time in it. Very impressed with her so far, and glad to be totally wrong.
Jose (barring some disaster) still seems to be the odds on favorite, as he is practically moving in there. The guy that just left (the Army dude), he sat there and said that there was just nothing to do. NO, you just weren't doing anything. You could have been working to improve your situation like Jose was, you chose to sit and do nothing.
Yes sir, it's all too easy to push that button. Other than Mary Kate, nobody has really had a legitimate excuse to have left so far IMO. But, it's the weeding out of the survivalists.

Yes, it's easy for me to say that. I'm not there and haven't been in their situation. But lets look at it a bit closer.

Desmond sees bear poop and hears some afar off. Gets scared after knowing bears are on the island.

Tracy had issues within herself that she took with her out there. Or, just had "tiny heart."

Mike, neck to neck with Nicole, no real issues at all. Misses his wife and life at home and bails.

Randy, the survival instructor that seemed to be quite shaken in his test of his own skills. Lost his ferro rod but managed to still make fire.... Was building a nice, strong shelter... I don't know, he could still be there but just got a defeated feeling.

Justin, I think he just didn't want to be there anymore. Simple as that.

So, coming from someone who'd love to have that opportunity, these guys I reckon should be home. Larry, he's his own worst enemy, seems a very easily frustrated guy, and has had the worst experience of all of them. And he's still hanging in there. So, these other guys could still be out there.
I think that Larry's personal convictions and trying to help sustain his family's futures (I take it from listening to his bio that he's a Baptist missionary, not exactly a high paying job and he's got 3 or 4 kids)... so I think that he's going to stick it out until he wins or until he has a physical injury that forces him to stop. I think his sheer force of will is gonna keep him in, since he doesn't really seem to have any skills (other than net weaving) but he's made it this far.
I think you have Larry mistaken for David. But I agree, David has shown some impressive resiliency. He's hanging in there and that's what counts.
yup you are correct. I got them mixed up. Larry is about to tap. He's mentally done
Lol!! Larry is like unstable nitro glycerin. I think he has depression issues. Though I pull for him, I think he's going home next week.

Yet, he's said the same thing I've heard over and over again... "I've done what I've came out to do." Well, if that's the case, you're the last man standing and you've won. And the boredom thing... There's nothing to do... I know it might be easy for me to say but when you're living under a tarp shelter, cutting firewood for something to do,... Repetitiveness is the enemy. Repetitiveness leads to boredom which leads to the mental entrapment these people fall into. Break the repetitiveness by building a strong stable shelter. You can use the extra tarp to keep firewood dry. Let your traps work for you while you fish to save calories. There's always something to do to improve your quality of life there.
Agreed, he keeps talking about boredom, but has done no projects to speak of. Build a boat, reinforce your shelter, stock more firewood, something.
(07-02-2016, 12:22 AM)Ronin.45 Wrote: Agreed, he keeps talking about boredom, but has done no projects to speak of. Build a boat, reinforce your shelter, stock more firewood, something.

Well, he made a spoon. Lol
Well, my new guesses are David or Jose.
I'm going out on a limb and saying David.

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