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Mini mobil multi band radio
Well the Chinese are at it again and have come out with another cheap multiband radio for <$100. This one is for a mobile/vehicle use and is rated at 25 watts VHF and 20 watts UHF.  I've not got one yet but have been looking at them since it came out in June. Still some software glitches but when the radio nerds work them out this may very well be a great little radio to use in conjunction with the Baofeng handhelds. It actually is getting some good reviews other than some noted programming issues.

QYT KT8900 aka as a variety of other brand designations.  Here is link to a youtube vid.

Keep an eye on this one. It's small, cheap with decent power for a mobile. I expect some software upgrades within a few months and some hacks will take care of any issues it may have. This thing is just begging for use as a base station at the cabin or mounting in a Go Box. It's gonna be a great bang for the buck.
Quick look looks good.... like you tho, I'd wait about 6months... you'll see an update on the s/w and the few bugs stamped. At that price its a good one to pack away in the garbage can ( i mean Faraday cage Smile )

I'll have to pull out my older Alinco 2m mobile docs and compare specs between the two.

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