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want to learn morse code?
A basic code course and cd of code to learn morse. ( cd made from iso file )

Read this;

iso format d/l for cd ;
That brings back memories.

In the 60's and 70's my dad was a ground radio instructor at the Army Signal School at Ft.Gordon. Being the good father he was he also was a Cub Scout leader and Boy Scout troop-master. We had a geek troop in Boy Scouts as we took classes with the soldiers on electronics, radio basics, and Morse code. One of our merit badges was building a Heathkit telegraph tapper and set up a point-to-point comm. Dad also had the Ham radio setup at home and I would tap out messages to other stations around the world and I would annotate them in my logbook.

I have forgotten most of the Morse code, baudot, and Ascii but I knew it all at one time.
Would be a useful skill to learn for anyone.  At the VERY least everyone should know S.O.S.
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Really not hard to learn the basic 26 letters and then numbers... can really be done in about 2 weeks with a hour + per day.

Use with all the short cut words that people use when texting !
Pretty interesting, always want to learn it.
Tom,you ain't met my kid,machinegun on texting.I learned basics in the B/S,I'm practicing as much as I can.'08.
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(10-05-2015, 02:45 PM)kirgi08 Wrote: Tom,you ain't met my kid,machinegun on texting.I learned basics in the B/S,I'm practicing as much as I can.'08.

Yes... kids are fast, esp with the shorthand words.

That quote comes back to an old tv late night or similar clip where the pitted two coders against texters... code won hands down.
I'n not to fast, as i max out at about 25 wpm... but I know a few old timers that could carry full voice conversations and run at same time 50+ wpm.... and they're not the fastest. I think current fastest is a Russian at 150+

Here's a guy i met a few times runs at 140 wpm;
Updated link to learn Morse code... ( link in first mesg is NG now fixed )

last update March 29-2016

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