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Live Free or Die
Any of you watch this? I'm not particularly jazzed about it but you can learn some cool things on this show.
I've seen the previews and maybe a minute or so of the show as it comes on right before Dirty Rotten Survival.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
Some of the people can come across as the "nonproductive member of society" types. But there's a few on there that you can get some interesting ideas from. Mostly from Tony and Amelia, Thorn and Colby. It's worth the view if you don't have anything better to do while waiting for Dirty Rotten Survival to come on.
Kinda okay, just doesn't seem to fall into a comfortable niche (not that a show has to). But I found myself pushing buttons too much while trying to watch.
It's more about the people supposedly living off the grid. Pretty much an entertainment show. It's hard for me to get into it but thought it was worth the thread because you can learn a little something off it every now and then. It can stir up the creative juices.
Personally, I would much rather see someone in a suburbia setting trying to get into sustainable living. THAT would be something which I think would resonate a lot more with preppres and folks just wanting to be prepared for any odd emergency.
I remember growing up, during the Cuban missile crisis, my parents keep a pantry in the basement. New food (canned, non-perishable stuff--which was a lot less back then) went downstairs, its equivalent on the shelve came upstairs to be used that week. They always had a back stash of food. At the time, it just seemed normal to me. It wasn't until years later that I realized what they were doing. Of course, they both lived through the Depression, so that made for a different mindset.
I agree. There are far more people in suburban areas and cities than rural. Helping them know what to do would be far more informative than most wilderness survival shows. I've always thought that cities are time bombs. If/when something happens survival in a city would be down right tough. Seemingly few resources and not too many places to go, you really need a plan and prepping is a must. But, YouTube has a good bit of information for those who really seek it.
Matt Graham is making some appearances on this show.
(08-26-2016, 08:42 PM)JRSC Wrote: Matt Graham is making some appearances on this show.

Yeah, he seems to be the new person. He is amazing in his abilities.
I've always wanted him to have his own show. So, I'll watch it to see him. This is the 3rd show he's been on. Obviously he has skills that people want to learn.

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