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Scenario #3 - inconvenient to worse case
New work - I'm just walking home, or walking home low-key / down-low.
I work about 1 1/2 miles from home (takes me about 4 minutes to drive there), so most days it would be an easy trip home.
(09-25-2015, 12:34 PM)mac66 Wrote: When we had the big power failure in 03 I was at work.  Because of my job I couldn't leave (I was the DPS and emergency manager of a large community college).  I called home and talked to my wife.  She got hold of the kids, my sons were in high school, daughter in jr. high. They dug out the generator and supplies and cooked on the grill that night. The young couple next door had a newborn so they hooked their refrigerator up to our generator as well. We ran the gen, two hours every six and the boys guarded the gen.  I stayed at work. I worked in a western suburb of Detroit and lived in a north eastern burg about 25 miles away. It was in August and the natives were restless in the city for the next several nights (some looting and fires). I finally got home after two nights and all was well. My wife always remembers that she felt safe and secure because we were prepared and very few of the neighbors were.

Mac - exactly "how big" was the big outage?  
- Geographic area?
- Homes impacted?
- Duration?
- % outage?

Whatever reasonable...
I work about 6 miles from my apartment. However, it's a stretch of 'not great' area. I'm also working in the security department so I don't know if I would be 'allowed' to leave. (though I could tell them to shove it)

Funny, a power outage followed by blocked roads are exactly the situation that I've presented to others as my 'worst case' situation.

I'm in an office building, in a bunch of cube farms. So, there are kitchens and vending machines. My particular office is pretty empty and quiet, so I'd call the GF, give her instructions and then probably hunker down underneath my desk/cube. I always have a USB battery with me, so I can recharge the phone. I try really hard to take my ham radio to work, so I'd have some info. I'm pretty good about telling the GF where all of the prep gear at the apartment is. Her digging out my gas stove and trying to set it up on the apartment balcony doesn't really excite me much, but I'm sure she could scrounge stuff in the pantry and fridge to eat before it went bad. We're just talking about a long weekend, not forever.

The worst part about my work situation is that I have to park several blocks away from my actual office. My car is where all my good gear is. I'd probably walk to my car, drive it back and park on site so I can have closer access to my stuff. I keep a fleece sleeping bag, several Heat Sheets space blankets, towels, etc.. that could be used for bedding, water and water containters, etc. I don't store food because I'm never away that often for that long of a duration. I SOMETIMES keep a gun in my car if there is some social unrest or terror threat, but since I work for the govt, I don't take it inside my office.

The idea of walking home is on my mind very often. I wear dress clothes to work but I have a spare set of shoes in my car at all times. 6 miles isn't terrible, so I would walk home over a long weekend if it was bad enough.

I'm not all that worried about food for a long weekend and the office is tall enough that there should be water pressure enough in the pipes to flush toilets and drink from the tap for a day or two if we had to. (this is something that disaster movies always ignore, there's TONS of water in your pipes, so just go to a tall building and open the sink at the bottom floor.).

I think my biggest concern would be trying to balance taking care of myself vs taking care of the hundreds of my co workers, most of whom are older and not in great shape. Sleeping on the floor under my desk at my age and health wouldn't be terrible, but I can't imagine some of the others.

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