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What have you done this week to forward your 2015 prepping goals?
(01-01-2016, 09:41 AM)Dr. Dickie Wrote: and portable stick for the antenna which can be used on my PRC-320 (a HAM manpack used by the British military). 

What the weight on those ?? with batteries...

Use to be a member of HFPACK... ( HF backpackers ) Ran a Icom 706 with an alice backpack / whip antenna. Got to heavy due to battery requirements so swapped it out for an Icom 703+ and mini LDG tuner. Mobile HF dragging a ground lead off the pack.
The base clansman PRC-320 unit is about 11lbs Add to that the NiCd battery which is 6-7lbs. Then throw in antenna rig. With the Jackite pole, that is not too bad. And DANG those powerfilm solar panels are light as all get out. Much better than trying to crank the generator to keep things going (but I guess that should be thrown in there in case of clouds).
Not the lightest, but build like a tank--and it does have a build in antenna tuner, albeit manual. The biggest pain is the decade knobs for picking a frequency (no modern VFO).
I also have a FT-857D that I have in a go box that has a solar charge controller in. It is a lot heavier (larger battery), and since I already have an IC-7200 in a pelican case with batteries and solar capabilities, I keep thinking about making the 857 into a back pack. Perhaps I will this year, but the Clansman is just too cool for school, and that is a big part of its charm.

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