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tarp shelter
Since you have slept in it every weekend, I want to know what you did to get your wife so mad at you that she won't let you in the house?

Smile Smile
Funny, she gets mad when I won't come in the house or when I sleep out in the yard during the week...

I slept in the Tipi a couple of weeks ago when the temps were in the low 30s and she thought I was crazy. As long as the fire was going, it was like being in a chimney. I could tell, cause when I got up at 4am to go out and pee, it was freakin cold!
My original posting was 3 years ago.

I am adding some thoughts. When you see hurricane preps, some guy is always boarding up a window. This is done because a window may break. Well, you can have glass break for any number of reasons -tornado/earthquake. It is cumbersome and a space hog to store boards. So, I have rolls of differing thicknesses/colors of sheet plastic (including rolls) that can be used in place of windows and to provide windproof roofing/walls.
I guess we are geeks when it comes to some of the prepper stuff. We actually bought plywood and pre-cut it, labeled it for all the different windows. We also bought heavy duty rolls of plastic to allow us to seal up the windows to make them more airtight than the wood would, especially in the middle of winter. The plastic is cheap and as you pointed out easier to store. At the start of Spring mowing, the neighbor broke out his window with a rock kicked up by his lawnmower. I took a roll of plastic over and we sealed his window because rain was coming in that night. Worked perfectly.

Just an FYI, we used a stable gun to put the plastic in place and then sealed the edges with duct tape. No water got inside.

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