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tarp shelter

This shows a tarp teepee.

Most people, when they contemplate a tarp, would go to a big box or paint store - and be disappointed.

Try Chicago Canvas and Tarp.  Learn the characteristics of the various materials.

Understand that tarps will tear, grommets will fail, and that they have to be tied down.  This means that you would need to also acquire a grommet kit to improve/fix/repair your tarp as well as obtain a sufficient amount of 550 cord.  One of my projects on my list is to review my existing tarps and work in some more grommets.  I will also probably put a hank of 550 cord with each tarp.
I normally use 2 ponchos and a poncho liner. Last year we had a really cold snap and I had to stay in it overnight. I made a simple A-frame tent with them, put a pad on the ground and wrapped myself in 2 wool blankets in a sleeping bag. The 3 degree weather and light sleeting that night never phased me a whole lot. Had to say I was impressed.
Every tarp/poncho shelter you can imagine.

This accompanies the thumbnail.

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(09-11-2015, 05:36 AM)bdcochran Wrote: This means that you would need to also acquire a grommet kit to improve/fix/repair your tarp as well as obtain a sufficient amount of 550 cord.  

+1 on the recommendation for the grommet kit!
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

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DIY Oilskin Tarp
How about a real Teepee= the original tarp shelter...
I liked your video of the tarp Teepee DB but for some reason I had to take it to the next step: 
[Image: 37968284234_9f8ab0e40e_k.jpg]

[Image: 37968278904_56b8dc7540_k.jpg]..
[Image: 37968277244_aad060ddca_k.jpg].
[Image: 37968276424_3907dfa8b6_k.jpg].
[Image: 37968274634_3f35e2b564_k.jpg].
Cain poles= free, rope= 8$ bucks and cotton drop clothes that we bought back when we painted the inside of the house (10oz cotton 9'x12'). 
I camped in this all weekend and was very comfortable, as long as there was a small fire the tarps never got wet from the dew...
I like the truck!
(11-28-2017, 11:30 AM)bmyers Wrote: I like the truck!

Thanx, it is my favorite big rolling tarp shelter...   Big Grin
That truck brings back memories. I drove a deuce from Tampa Fl to El Paso Tx and back. Fun times - not.

I used a homemade oilskin tarp out of a blue double bed sheet to replace the roof on the the kid's play gym last year. I took a roller and re-treated it at the end of the summer even though it probably didn't need it. BTW: Dye can be added to the linseed oil.
The current Tipi configuration taking up a big chunk of my back yard. This thing is so cool, I have slept in it every weekend since I bought it/ set it up.

[Image: 39264696854_833a65ad5b_k.jpg].

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