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Hand cranked radios.
I like the eton arc models,the ARC FRX3 is a decent choice.They ain't perfect but they don't cost what a Kenwood does.The Ambient Weather WR111b is my "wish" unit.We have scanners and the such,what I want is the solar/outlet type usage.They are upgradeable and fairly stout.Midrange is the Grundig S450DLX,a $100 on prime.Above the ARC model,below the AW is the Kaito Electronics KA500BLK.It's highly versatile,I haven't handled one so I really don't know about quality.It does have the main thing I want in this type gear,AC/Battery/Solar/Computer.This is a essential factor for me.The cost is rt at $80/varies between sites,I may roll the dice and get one.

Being able to hear what's going on around you is paramount,in a "situation" info is king.As an aside,I'd print off yer local LEOs "10" codes.It may take awhile to learn them but it's worthwhile.Funny story,when I was still otr an FTO friend of mine had a newb riding for training.He asked me about 20 different "10" codes and I knew them all.He told his rook If a long haired hippy can learn them so can she.I'm a long haired hippy type that folk don't even notice.'08. Big Grin
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I've got one of the Eton models (don't recall what model it is off hand).  IIRC one minute of cranking gives 20 minutes of listen time.  Standard AM/FM/Marine/Weather Channel with small light and I think a siren.  Nice little carry case.  I was looking at them a while back including the one's you've mentioned.  I'd like to get one for each vehicle as well.  Solar option would be nice as well and I agree that this could be an essential piece of gear in many potential situations. 

I'd put a hand-crank/solar radio as a must-have piece of gear.  And many of them are quite affordable.  I don't remember where I got mine, but it may have been at a garage sale.  Works just fine.
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