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Hunting Season
Opening day of firearms deer season was yesterday. Three brothers, one of my son's and a nephew joined us for deer camp.

Rain all day, and miserable conditions. Cooler, snow today.

I Got a 5 pt at about 7.45 am today. Only deer seen.
I know this morning about have of our fabrication employees are off out hunting.
Deer camp is winding down. Beautiful day yesterday but no more deer. Rained all night, pretty mild this morning then more rain turning to snow. Have 2 inches since 1 pm and still snowing. Only one deer, my 5 point this year. Be heading home tomorrow.

The snow turned to rain this evening and is all gone except then turned back into snow by morning. 3" on the ground this morning.

I put a lot of time into working on the property this year. Got two deer, a doe and a buck so have lots of venison. In fact my wife made venison stew for dinner when I got home today.

I should note that i killed my buck with my ruger 44 mag carbine at about 65 yards. Hornady 240 gr. HP. It is a handy little rifle and is now two for two.

[Image: RHH0chE.jpg?2]

Don't mind the clown suit. It was actually very cold that morning. I stripped off my outer coat and was getting ready to roll up my sleeves to field dress that deer when my brother walked up to take a photo.
Nicely done Mac.  One of my hunting buddies carries a .44 mag lever action rifle.  Plenty gun for deer here in Florida.  I'm glad I have the .308 but in many ways it's overkill for what I would take here.  A .44 rifle would actually be a very handy thing to add.

Bob has a .357 lever action.  How do you guys think something like that would do for the game in my state?  Our deer just aren't as large as what some of you guys have in your area.  Hog would be the other consideration.  Thoughts welcome on that.
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The 308 is probably one of the best overall calibers in that it allows you to take just about anything out to 500+ yards. If I only could have one hunting rifle it would likely be in 308 . I actually own three 308 hunting rifles (and two tactical 308s)

If however the ranges at which you hunt is 150 yards or less then just about anything else, including the 357 mag particularly out of a rifle is fine. While I've killed a lot of deer with my 308s, these days I tend to use large caliber, heavy bullets in short lighter rifles on my property because ranges tend to be 100 yards or less and they are easier to carry. My lever guns are in 30-30, 35 Rem, 375 Win and 44 mag. They've all killed deer just fine. I did kill a deer once with a 357 mag revolver as well as a 44 mag revolver. I've also killed deer with the 7.62x39 out of a Ruger Mini 30 and my son killed a deer a couple years ago with his 300 Blackout.

In regards to hogs, I went hog hunting once back in the 1980s. I used a 6" 357 mag. It took three shots to put it down but the first would have been fatal eventually. I think hogs are over rated but I am hardly an expert. On the other hand bigger is better so any of the calibers I mentioned above would do the job better.

I should mention that there is a guy on one of our local hunting forums who uses a lever action .357 mag with a suppressor. He loads really heavy subsonic bullets with it and snipes the deer from a tree stand. He is very successful.

Editd to add, my wife made a very tasty venison roast last night for dinner. With three deer in the freezer we're going to have venison pretty often this year.

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