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Hunting Season
It's about that time of year I start getting giddy as a school girl. The feeling of late summer is kicking in and I can feel a hint of fall in the air. Next Saturday is dove season. I'm chomping at the bit. Jase Robertson said "dove is the filet mignon of the sky." And I agree with him. In another month small game and deer season will be here. 

In addition to deer I'm going for rabbit, squirrel and may try some duck hunting this season if I can find the time. 

Hunters, what are yall going for this season? If your seasons already open what have you got? Feel free to post pics and share some recipes.
I am hoping to get a few Tarpon or Redfish next weekend. I am headed to St. Augustine next Thursday and will stay 4 or 5 days. A buddy of mine has a 22" Whaler that can make it out to the reefs easily. This time of year just after a storm the game fish go into a feeding frenzy. The timing should be just right. I would like to put 50 to 60 lbs of fish in the freezer. Last year, throwing a cast net, I got just over 100 lbs of shrimp with two throws (about 55 lb cleaned). I have one quart of shrimp left in the freezer.

October 10th is opening day for black powder for deer. Regular season starts a week later. I have been spotting a yearling almost every time I have gone down to the farm this summer - tender meat. I just tested everything out on my 54 cal Hawkin for black powder. I am shooting a .308 150gr bullet in a sabot that I can accurately shoot about 150 yards, that is my limitation with open sights now as my eyesight is not as sharp as it once was.

Dove has a broken up season - I need to wait till my brother-in-law's corn is harvested anyway. Quail doesn't start till Nov 14. If I can put up 6 to 8 quarts of cleaned birds that would be great. I don't care much for the larger game birds.

Right now the chest freezer is about 1/3 full of vegetables. If I can put 50lbs of fish and 6 quarts of birds I might be able to get most of a deer in. I like having the problem of no more space in the freezer. Jerking venison and vacuum packing it will allow it to last for 6 to 8 months with proper storage. A full freezer by Christmas makes it an easy year at the grocery store.

St Augustine prides itself as a quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem. I am looking forward to going back down there.
Deer, squirrel, and maybe turkey
Tsquare, you sound like you got an eventful season coming up. Please send pics.

Burnsoft, you reminded me of one critter I forgot, turkey. I actually think hunting turkey is more fun than deer. Since I hate cold weather I thoroughly enjoy the cool spring mornings. And it's nice to hunt an animal that will talk to you and give his position away.
Deer and hogs right now hunting frogs and gar trapping crawfish and catching mullet squirrels and dove are always hunted we hunt a lot with slingshot
Low noise and if accurate that =s food.'08.
If you look like food,you will be eaten.

I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.
(08-31-2015, 04:08 AM)kirgi08 Wrote: Low noise and if accurate that =s food.'08.

Don't forget the most important ingredient - Luck.
Skill and practice replace luck,then again I'd rather be lucky than good.'08.
If you look like food,you will be eaten.

I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.
You would be surprised how accurate you can become with sling shots.
I think I'm ready I'm about to find out

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