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Wasn't sure where to post this, but we finally decided to get an outside camera. We installed one that watches out front door/porch area where they set all our packages. 

This is the camera system we went with:

Nothing fancy and right now we have NOT subscribed to the online service, just using the SD card and our phones. We tired it in our house for about a week and it worked without any issues, so now we have it outside and will see how it does with the weather.
We are considering a system for our new house. Keep us posted with how you like this one.
I run about 14 Arlo cams... nice thing is I do beta testing for them so my cost is very low.

Things to watch out for is most companies charge for recording ( cloud based ) and the other thing to watch is possible delay between motion detection ( most are IR sensors like flood lights ) and record/ notification

One of the best cameras I've tested is the Arlo Q camera... tho not weather proof like the rest, it uses pixel change detection over PIR... which means you can use it thru glass windows. ( sees changes in the picture ). it actually , cause it is plugged into ac , has a 3 second look back feature ( always recording so it adds the previous 3 secs to a triggered motion recording ) and the storage for 7 days is free via phone or web.

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