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S&W M&P Shield 9mm 2.0
I just traded a Ruger SR22s for a Shield 9mm.  I have/had two SR22s which are a lot of fun to shoot, but only needed one. I put it up for sale on a local forum and got the trade offer for the Shield. I've never owned an M&P S&W so I thought I would give it a try. The previous owner claimed he only put 75 rounds though it and it was in very good/excellent/like new condition.  This particular Shield came with a built in (i.e molded into the frame) Crimson Trace red laser. The laser is activated by a small red button on either side of the frame forward of the trigger guard.  I've never used a laser on a pistol before so this will be a new experience. It also came with 2 mags, one 7 rounder and an extended 8 rounder in a zippered portfolio case and a molded Kydex IWB holster. It is a single action/striker fired pistol and it also has an external thumb safety which isn't a bad thing IMO. I tend to pocket/IWB carry without a holster so a striker fired pistol with a safety is appreciated. It also has a variation of the pivoting trigger block safety.

[Image: gq77g76.jpg]

I thought I it was a fair trade since Shields regularly run under $300 and now with the rebate (gift card) hover around $250. The ones with the laser runs $350 after rebate at PSA which is about the cheapest I've found. I paid $275 for my SR22 with 3 mags.

[Image: 6aC6TyV.jpg]

The only thing I have size wise to compare it too is my Ruger LC9 and it is pretty much the same size and weight. I pretty much EDC the LC9 which has a belt clip and Hogue handle grip on it. It too is a 7 shot but unlike the Shield it is a double action. The LC9 also has a external thumb safety which I never use because of the double action trigger. The LCP also has a magazine disconnect safety which isn't really an issue since I am unlikely to have to fire it without the mag in place. The LC9 includes a loaded chamber indicator and a key to lock the pistol. I've never used the lock, the key being stashed in the original box. The chamber indicator is meh. Just one more useless thing to hang on the pistol. Having said that, the LC9 has proven to be a reliable EDC piece. I've considered the striker fired version (LC9s, LC9s Pro or EC9) but the LC9 works and isn't worth trading up for. It just fills it's purpose.

[Image: qt8E4LU.jpg]

The Shield is a little different animal. It's single action, striker fired and is the same size, weight, dimensions and capacity as the LC9.  It has better sights, better grip and a laser.  I've been rather ambivalent about the M&P series except for the cost as they are a good deal. My son bought a full size 9mm the last time they had a big rebate. It was an okay pistol but I found the full size grip uncomfortable and it did nothing better than any other poly framed wonder 9.

Shown below with extended 8 round mag

[Image: 3XbvA2Z.jpg]

One thing I already dislike about the Shield is the button for the laser. It is very hard to manipulate. By hard I mean it is difficult to depress to both turn it on and off. Takes some real effort to activate it. You literally have to hold it in your weak hand and very purposely depress the button with you strong side index finger. I suppose they did that on purpose to keep it from being accidentally activated. I don't really see myself using the laser except at the range so it remains to be seen if it is even an issue. The safety is also very small and flush against the side of the gun. Not fast to manipulate.

[Image: f4ICqqz.jpg][Image: Fp08EUy.jpg]

The Shield is a little bit longer, taller and blockier than the LC9 but has good sights. Not sure if the grip is thinner or not since I have Hogue grips on the Ruger to thicken them up. May do the same for the Shield after I shoot it. May also add a belt clip to it. A nice touch is that the Shield does take down like an XD however. Lock the slide back, flip the lever on the frame, release the slide and it comes right off.

None the less I'm looking forward to shooting the Shield when I go up to my hunting property at the end of the week. I'll report back after I shoot it.
I have the 1.0 version of the Shield.  Not sure what the changes were offhand from 1.0 to 2.0 but IIRC it was much.  I like the Shield.  I gave it to my son for a back-and-forth car gun.  

It's comfortable to shoot.  IIRC, it's slightly heavier than say the LC9 at around 20 ounces.  I didn't think the thumb safety would be easy to manipulate with it being so small and recessed, but it turned out to be fine.  You have to be a little careful inserting the 8-round mag as that grip insert tends to ride up the mag a bit.  Gotta pop the mag in with a little authority to make sure it seats all the way.  Not a big issue but something to be aware of at first.

I've found it to be pleasant to shoot.  Recoil isn't noteworthy and is fairly minimal.  I felt more flip in the G43 than I do the Shield.  

Internally, it struck me as very sturdy and well made.  As much as I like the LC9/s I would say it's stronger made, at least that's how it seems to me.  

I think you got a good deal. Smile
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

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Interesting you mentioned the weight. I was sitting here fondling both and the Shield seems heavier unloaded than the LC9 loaded with the Hogue grip and belt clip. Been carrying both around the house in my pants pockets.

Specs for the Shield w/laser lists it at 18.8 oz. When I weighed it it came in at 20.78 empty and 23.86 loaded.

The LC9 came in at 21.37 loaded. It is supposed to be by spec 17.7 oz empty. I didn't unload it to weigh it. So the LC9 is less that .6 oz heavier loaded than the Shield is unloaded but 3 oz lighter when loaded.

Perhaps the Shield feels heavier because it is somewhat top heavy, not sure. Even so I'm willing to give it a chance.

As for the differences between the 1.0 and 2.0....from what I read, the serrations on the slide is slightly different. The texture/stippling of the grip is supposed to be rougher on the 2.0. Some say they improved the trigger on the 2.0 as well. Other than that, same gun.
I took the Shield up to the property when I went hunting and fired four mags loads out of it. The trigger surprised me. It was really light, kind of glad this thing has a manual safety. I also took my EDC Ruger LC9. After shooting the Shield the long smooth trigger on the Ruger seemed particularly long and not so smooth. I kept puling and pulling and pulling. Going back to the Shield trigger the gun seemed to go off by itself. I could get used to it however.

Somebody must have thought that putting a laser on a SD pistol was a good idea but I don't see it. I did learn that it has two modes, steady and pulsating. Push the button once and it's steady on, twice and it pulses...sort of. It took me awhile to figure that out and see the difference. I couldn't get used to using the laser, it was in fact really distracting watching the red dot jitter around on the target. Going to have to do a lot more training with it if it's ever going to be of any use.
That Bodyguard I just bought has the same type of laser. I could possibly see a use for the laser (first mode) in specific circumstances, not so much for the second pulse mode.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.
(11-04-2019, 06:18 PM)David Wrote: That Bodyguard I just bought has the same type of laser.  I could possibly see a use for the laser (first mode) in specific circumstances, not so much for the second pulse mode.

The pulse mode on mine is so fast I couldn't tell it was actually pulsing until I started to wonder why I had to push the button twice to turn the laser off. It was then I noticed it was a little different than the steady (first) mode. Duh!   I can see using the laser to hold someone at gunpoint. I found it really distracting and too jittery to use all the time. As I said, I'm going to have to train with it to see if there is any use for it.

As for the pistol itself I like it. The sights and trigger are much better than the LC9 I have. Gonna need a Hogue grip and belt clip for it if I'm going to EDC it.

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