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Car inverter
Ok.  I will lay out my ignorance and the little that I know.

I wanted an inverter for my car.  I do not drive much anymore.  I already had a device which would attach to the car cigarette lighter, but I don't think it was more than a cord that could that could operate a small battery charger.  I will check on that.

Any way, I read an article today that said that the maximum wattage on a cigarette device was 200 watts.

I have single and multiple unit chargers for AAA,AA and 18650.  How can I tell (understand) whether a single, doubt, 4 unit or 8 unit could be used safely with a 200 watt inverter?
200w inverter is aprox 1.6 amps @ 120v ( not 100% efficient )
( most cigar outlets are maxed at about 10a )
Look at the sticker on the battery charger to see what it draws. ( also check what the inverter pulls in amps )
Prob will work fine.
Car "outlets" inside the car of whatever type (USB, Lighter, actual plug) are generally fairly limited in their draw.

An actual independent inverter can be 600, 800, or more watts of go juice. They must be connected directly to the batter. Use this to run power to the house for lights, fans, small fridge, chargers, etc.
Real cigar lighters in vehicles are fused at 10a... ( mostly, some are 15a ) not the same for usb ports which are limited usu by design.
An easy check would be in the owners manual or the cars fuse box.

My Toyota trunk has a built in inverter and outlets in the truck bed but those are maxed at 400w output. ( just under 4a @120v )
works great for a Blender/drinks on the beach tho
AS I wrote, I am very ignorant about electricity (except don't stick anything but a plug in an outlet).

So, I have listed my chargers and would like to know if all or any can be used with the Bestek 200w inverter which attaches in the car cigarette lighter.

I know nothing about what my new unit can handle
bd C <>

8:38 PM (0 minutes ago)

to support
Please indicate which any/all of the following battery chargers can be used with my new car unit which is attached to the cigarette lighter. Thank you in advance for your response.
I have a BESTEK 200W Car Power Inverter with 2 Outlets 4.5A Dual USB DC 12V to AC 110V

It attaches to the car cigarette lighter.

I am completely ignorant of understanding what the unit can handle.

Variously, I would attach (not at the same time)

1.Tenergy Batttery charger for ion 18650 battery. 2 holding postions. Input

Input 100-240v,.59-60Hz 0-.15A

12-24v … 1.0A

Output 4.2v...500mAx2

2. A black, no -name mmfg. 2 unit 18650 charger with the English expression”forbids to invert” in one of the battery unit holders

3. 2 unit Nitecore Intellicharger i2 which handles 18650, 14500 batteries handles Ni-Mh/Ni-Cad AA, aaa, 18650

Input 100-240v; 50-60Hz .25A(Max)

DC 12v 1A

Output(max) 4.2v =- 1%/1.48v +-1% 0.5A*2

4.Rayoivac 3in1

220-240v ac outlet

5. Panasonic BQ-CC75

4 unit recharger. 100-240v 50-60Hz 0.3A

There is a usb outlet on the side

6.Quest 2 hour charger for AA & AAA NiMH batteries

input 12v 750mA Output 900A max Model CH5000 -0038 holds 4 units

7. 4 unit xtar vc4

Input 5v . . .2.1A

Output 4.2v ...4x0.5A or 4.2V...2x1.0A

8. Maha MH-c800s 8 cell aa/aaa


100-240 v -0.5a 50-60Hz



9. powerx 4 cell. Maha c9000


dc 12v 2000 mA


DC 2v2000mA x 4 slots

10. Titanium LCD rapid battery charger. Model MD-1600l (16 cell).


12v 2.1A


DC 1.5v AA400 mA per channel

AAA 180 mA per channel
Short story looking over all... ( except #2 no name no info )
They ALL work except #4 which calls for 220v ac
you could even plug in 2 units that run on ac without issue

Checked the model... it is rated at 200w output ( 250 max ) at 120v ac  so it outputs aprox  2a@120
( couldn't find the 12v draw from ciger lighter, but it has over draw prevention built in and is more than likely less than 10a @12v )
( cigar lighter on unit may just be pass thru , rated at 150w @ 12v or about 10a (battery is 13v really )

1) draw is  0-.15A  
2) no idea what forbids refers to  DOES it run on 12v dc?
3) draw is  .25A(Max)
4) n/g for 220v outlets as it is 120v
5) draw is  0.3A
6) draw is 70mA or .07a ac ( from online docs )  ( list also for 12v socket but why use the built in 12v outlet as it runs from same )
7) for usb outlet and usb outlets on invertor supplies up to 2.4a@5v ( total of 3.4a@5v on both )
8) draw is 0.5a
9) 12v input but ok (see #6)
10) 12v input ok (see #6)

As PS.... remember you compare the OUTPUT of inverter in amps to the INPUT needed by devices
So it outputs aprox 2a at regular 120v ac ( wall plug )

Looking at the INPUT on chargers at 120v ac, you can see they only draw .5 amps or less.... you just add up the amount of amps needed by things plugged in and as long as under total of 2amps your fine
So at same time for chargers #1 ( .15a ) and #8 ( .5a ) your total is .65 amps OR about 1/3 of the total allowed.

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