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Posting to vent
As most of you know, my wife has suffered from RA for 11 years now. She recently started going into renal failure, so they took her off all her medications. Needless to say, she is hurting a LOT.

Well, she decided to see a different doctor, who spent about 2 1/2 to 3 hours going over all her medical history. The Doc stated that she didn't think my wife had RA, but had something else causing the immune response.

So, the doctor sent her about two weeks ago for a bunch of blood work. We waited and waited and waited for the results. In the past the results were in 24 hours, but the wife had never had all these different blood test before.

This morning when I got out of the shower before work, there stood the wife and she had her results pulled up on her phone. Positive for Lyme Disease with 5 of the 10 factors reactive (you need at least 3 of the 10 to be reactive for a positive result). 

Now we are waiting for the doctor to call.

After 11 years of seeing various doctors, spending thousands of dollars in treatments only to find out that she had Lyme disease (still waiting for the official confirmation from the doctor) that if treated years ago would of been a much simpler antibiotic treatment. I'm pissed! Not about the money, but for the factor that ALL the doctors missed this and didn't even cross their radar and the wife had to suffer all this time. 

The doctor that spent 3 hours with the wife realized that we use to do a lot of hiking in the woods and geocaching and we would get the occasional tick on us. Why didn't any other doctor think about this? I'm just really ticked right now and frustrated. Yet, I'm trying to be thankful that maybe we finally have found the cause of all of her issues and can start down the path of getting the right treatment.
Having a loved one suffer really sucks and my heart goes out to you buddy. I'm glad that this doctor had the knowledge and experience to look for a better explanation and hope it can be treated quickly and effectively.
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Sounds like a good doc.... I have RA too, it's been quiet for over a yr now after 2 yrs ..came on out of blue at 62. But, one of the first tests done was for Lyme disease issues.

Hope she feels better. having pain all the time sucks ( now looking for a knee replacement here )
I have Psoriatic Arthritis - it took a while to diagnose when I was in my 20's. I take Humira, which you probably see advertisements for on TV for Psoriasis. Could care less about the skin. The arthritis sucks!

Glad you finally found out. Lime Disease was slow to be recognized, and even then it stayed a "Northeast" thing for quite a while.
The wife has an appointment with her doctor that ordered all these test on the 23rd. She is coming due for her next kidney function test to see if they have recovered.

Another interesting thing we have found, over the 11 years they had tried all the different RA meds, most with limited or no success. So over the last year, her doctor had been trying some 'old school' RA meds that are generally not used anymore because the 'new and improved' meds work better.

Well, doing research, not only were/are the old meds used to treat RA, but also Lyme disease. So without knowing, they were giving her medication that helps with the Lyme, which at that point she hadn't been diagnosed with, and she had started feeling better.
If I may ask, what where the "old school meds" ?

My basic meds here is just Sulfasalazine...and a Leflunomide every few days
Plaquenil and they had her on an antibiotic that the RA doctor said they used to treat inflammation in the past (I can't remember the name of it right now), but it was from the doxycycline family of antibiotics when we looked it up.

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