Poll: Two main questions; Do you like to watch these types of shows AND do you get anything out of them?
Yes, like/love to watch these types of shows
No, are you kidding me, they all suck
Yes, I do get something out of them
No, they're all idiots and it's all staged nonsense
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Do you like to watch 'Survival' type shows?
Dual Survival/Survivor Man/Dude Your Screwed/Bear Grylls/Man Woman Wild/Alone/Naked and Afraid/etc.

Do you like to watch these types of shows?  Do you get anything out of them when you watch?  What's your favorite?

You can vote twice in the poll.
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I didn't vote since my choice isn't up there. I don't watch survival shows, not because the suck, I just get tired of the same old stuff (SOS) all the time. Occasionally I will watch an episode of one show or another, yup SOS.
I like them to different degrees. Not a huge fan of any except Survivorman. I don't watch them strictly for tips but you learn a lot from the experts.

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