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This video changed my thinking about H2H

I am a senior.  Can I still take a hit or grapple? Absolutely not!

The martial arts training may still be there in memory.  Realistically, based upon mock knife fighting training when I was much younger, I would not last long in a fight. 

I watched the video and then examined my fingernails.  This form of attack from a male is so unexpected by the typical bad dude that it would be very effective.  The damage would be very severe and possibly permanent.  It requires no tools.

Many, many years ago, I had to deal with a pack of I think it was 7 young males.  It was over in seconds because I seized the initiative by attacking the Alpha male with a stick beating to the head area .  There was no posturing, strutting or exchange of words or insults.  The video  approach would not have allowed the Alpha male to retreat without probable permanent injuries.

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