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Antibiotics, how to get them and when and where to apply them
During SHTF simple cuts and infections will once again become potentially lethal. Most antibiotics are only available with prescriptions and the only ones I know of that don’t require a prescription are for animals. How do I obtain antibiotics for use in a grid down scenario? These are all I have found so far.

When is it appropriate to use antibiotics?
Never on your own, always with a doctor prescribing.

Now, if there is no doctor, another story.
Fish antibiotics is a viable method of having a valuable medication anytime, particularly in a grid-down situation.


What do you do when your supply runs out, the grid is still down, and you can't order more off Amazon?  Simple, you accept the fact you're screwed in that particular area of your prepping.


You make your own.  For years I've harped on Colloidal Silver and how to make it yourself.  It is a topical for burns, cuts, scrapes, rashes, fungus, eye infections etc.  It can be taken internally to fight infection.  And you can make it yourself for pennies and store it long term.  In my opinion, as a prep for your FAK, it is without equal in it's usefulness.  It kills the nasty bugs better than traditional antibiotics AND it doesn't affect the good bacteria in your gut which is where your immune system is located.  Let me restate that again because it sounds important:  antibiotics kill both the good and bad bacteria in your gut.  You absolutely NEED the good bacteria in your gut as it's part of your immune system.  Colloidal Silver kills only the bad bacteria (because good and bad bacteria have different cell membranes and Colloidal Silver doesn't break down the membrane on good bacteria.  God made it that way). 

A Colloidal Silver generator will cost you between $50-$100 and allow you to make Colloidal Silver for literally pennies on the dollar for what it costs in the store.  Can be added to homemade salves as well.  I've been using my same generator, with the same silver rods for close to two decades on the original investment.

In my opinion, it's a must have for any preppers FAK.

My next project is adapting it to USB so that I can use it with my portable solar panels in the event the electricity is out.
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

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You can grow/harvest yer own meds.Echinicea/garlic ect,they work.Cinnamon/milk thistle also work,for pain opiates/morphine maybe required.I got a doc that helps,my exs mom/GP FIL.All legal,though.'08.
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Honey is a good natural topical antibiotic as well.

A few years ago I went on an extended vacation and came down with pneumonia, though I didn't know it until I got back. I was pretty sick but treated it with OTC meds. Since then, whenever I travel I get a script from my doctor for antibiotics and fill it before I go. I've not needed them since but I've been able to save them up to be used as needed (within expiration dates, some ABs turn bad sooner than others). In addition, I've spoken with my family doc and he is willing to give me scripts for general use ABs.

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