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5 more Olights today
I took advantage of the big sale last weekend. It's hard to pass up 40% off.
I picked up two of the newer PL-Mini Valkyrie weaponlights(one for a buddy) and the PL-Pro. They threw in another S1RII (which is probably my favorite pocket light and my current EDC) and an i3e keychain light.
I was looking for a rifle light and the Warrior X was the front-runner, but the PL-Pro has some great features, is much more compact, and was on a better sale. I may play with it on my suppressor host until I get around to buying mounting rails for my SBR. It should do well on both with 1500lumens and almost 300 yards of throw. That's more than enough distance for my rifle.
I have come to really like the Warrior X. It is simple to use and really throws the light.
(07-19-2019, 04:35 PM)bmyers Wrote: I have come to really like the Warrior X. It is simple to use and really throws the light.

I like the way they did the tailcap with metallic button and magnetic pressure switch. I may still end up with one, but the PL-Pro fits my needs well for now.  It will only be used for low-light matches anyway since I don't keep a long gun for HD.
PL-Pro is a great light, I have several of them. I find I use them working around the house.

The Warrior X is one that I use for when things are going bump in the night.
I've been playing around with the PL-PRO on my G17 suppressor host and may like it more than my PL-Mini. The switch is much nicer. Even though it's bigger and heavier the gun is still well balanced. The biggest problem is that my custom holster is now useless.
That is the problem with different lights. Although my original PL holster works with my PL-PRO, so I lucked out there.

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