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Hydroponic in the mason jar. Kratky method
Anyone out there trying out hydroponic growing?
I'm in an apartment so space is very limited. I'm experimenting with broccoli and lettuce in a mason jar using hydroponic methods. No success yet but it's still early
I've done it in styrofoam pots that were hooked up to an irrigation drip system.  Worked really well.  Are you using straight water or do you have something like Miracle Grow in the water?

Also highly effective when hooked up with a fish tank.  The fish droppings serve as the fertilizer.  I've seen some pretty amazing set ups on YT.
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I bought some hydroponic nutrient solution from Amazon to use in the water. Its basically the run off from a compost pile. It was pretty cheap and you cut it with water so a little goes a long way

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