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spare parts and modern orders
I just had a month off between formal classes.  The time was devoted to:

1.  obtaining and copying manuals that I did not have for everything from battery chargers to power tools.

Very painful because it was and has been brought home to me, time and again, that products go out of production and companies do not keep manuals on products that they make.  I also learned that I had forgotten how to handle/clean/repair/use/apply some of the items that I had stored.

2. ordering parts. 

Just because a company has a glossy sales catalog doesn't mean that it has the products on hand.  I ordered a new take down recurve bow from Lancaster Archery in or about January or February.  Today, I received an email that the stuff was being shipped - 4 months later!

The parts market has changed dramatically in my lifetime.

1.  Last week, I returned a router to Spectrum.  Well, there is no parking for staff or customers in Santa Monica.  I went to a different location located near a class I was taking.  The store doors opened at 10 am.  I was there and number 16 in line!
2.  When I wanted long brass screws to replace in door hardware, not even Home Depot had them and I ordered them from the manufacturer in Boston, MA.
3.  I replaced the in line fuel filter in my Avalon last week.  My dealer doesn't carry them in stock.  The stocking warehouse is in New Jersey.  I searched on line months ago and bought one.
4.  Last year, I needed the inner tie rod replaced on my car.  If I wanted to go to the dealer (sigh) it would have cost a fortune.  Even my garage guy would have wanted the car for a day.  So, I had a traveling mechanic come and do the job at the house.  I don't have the tooling or the expertise to do it myself.
I have noticed the same thing. I have been looking for a couple of add-ons for the tractor, the advertise them, but when you contact the sellers, most are 4-6 weeks before the item will be shipped.

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