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Bought my first tractor
Well, since all the paperwork has been officially completed, I now own 40 acres of the family farm. I know, not that much, but it is a start. We have shared crop the tillable land. So, I just needed a tractor to be able to mow, plant a little garden, and work on cleaning up some of the areas. 

After talking with several people and knowing what we have available at the farm, I decided on the Kubota Grand L3560. Yes for you old timers I'm a softy and I like my climate controlled cab, but more importantly I like the protection the cab offers so I don't get stung by hornets/bees or get ticks on my while I'm mowing the high grass area. Several of the areas have been mowed in the last few years so it is going to take some work cleaning them up.  I purchased a 6 ft rotary mower and L805 front loader. I'm hoping to get everything delivered this week so I can slowly start the clean up process. 

I have a well, a spring, and two creeks that run through the property. I need to get some before pictures and get them posted. 

Anyway, I have a project to work on now and lots of things to plan out.
40 acres is a great start. I'd be happy with 5 acres! Looking forward to pics Smile
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This picture shows the roof of one of the three barns. The whole area in there has become overgrown. 

The area to the left there is a creek and on the other side of that is on open area that goes into a bank which will be the future home of our shooting range.

I went to the other access point, but due to the recent rain, it was to muddy to try to get back in there and get pictures. This area is about 6 acres or so which we will work on this summer and fall getting back into shape. On the other sides of the fields is 12 acres of woods that we will work on once the crops come out this fall. It won't be an overnight project, but hopefully by next summer we will have everything setting a little nicer.
My dad got out his tractor and started mowing. He has a MF 275 if I remember correctly.

This is looking back towards the earlier pictures I took.

You can see the barn a little better with some of the grass mowed down. We have lots of clean up to do and much of it will wait until it turns cold so we don't have to fight critters, snakes, and insects. Plus, once the leaves are down we will be able to see a little better because there is old farm equipment throughout the area. So far found a horse dawn mower, two disc plows, a 4-bottom plow, and something I haven't figured out what it is and dad couldn't tell either until we get it unburied.

Now it is just the hurry up and wait for my tractor to get here.
You can grow a lot of calories on 40acres,grass can turn to hay for cattle ect.May= $$$$,it's an investment.You can grow/can food for the future and grow/sell as a buffer for expenses.'08.
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Here I am driving it over to mow

Dad is on the Massey and I'm in my new Kubota Grand L3560. His tractor is 65HP, mine is a 35HP.

Hard to see, but here we are both mowing.
Cool. I need a tractor to do the food plots on my hunting property. Got to build a house first though.

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