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Video of the new PL-Pro coming out from Olight

Get yours May 24th ONLY for 40% off when you bundle the PL-Pro with our brand new magnetic
Tough little sucker! Got shot right off that stump and stayed on, pretty impressive.
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Another really cool offering from Olight. Makes me think it could be a better option than the Warrior X.
I like the warrior X for a handheld light, I haven't tried it on the rifle yet, but I have the setup to do it. Where the Warrior X would have the advantage is if you wanted a handheld light and a weapon light vs just a weapon light.

Depends on your needs.
I've got plenty of handhelds. It would be exclusively on a rifle. The Warrior would have more throw, but the PL would be more compact. I certainly don't need either.

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