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DIY calisthenic park
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My son and I bought the material to make a DIY calisthenic park in our backyard.  Based off this video:

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Great video.

1. Years ago, I built a set of low parallel bars as seen in the video. I use it daily. However, I do not use them as depicted. They are set up next to an unused concrete barbecue.
Kaiser gave me a series of exercises. I use the combination of the bars and the barbecue for one set. of leg exercises.

2. I use the garden wall for another Kaiser leg exercise.

3. I use the wall of the garage for two different back exercises given by Kaiser.

4. I do have a free standing set of parallel bars in the driveway set for my height and weighted down by sand bags.

5. I use the cast iron handrail to a back porch area in conjunction with a rubber bike inner tube. Another Kaiser exercise of resistance training for the arms.

6. Finally, I use a US Army roll up mat on the concrete sidewalk in the back yard. They last for years. I am on my second one.

I used to belong to the YMCA and used the equipment daily. Most of the equipment was rarely used by people. The guys would sit in the sauna or steam bath. Or they would use the equipment improperly and stop coming within a few months. I came to understand that I hated exercise, hated jumping into exercise. So, my exercises are resistance type exercises using my body weight. I can count and time the exercises. Think quasi yoga, quasi, isometric, quasi Pilates. If something was strained or hurting, I could go easy or slowly. In a sense working into the exercises.
Looks interesting. I would add monkey bars over the horizontal bars.

I could do some of that stuff 40 years ago, not so much now. I now walk to Planet Fitness (1.1 miles each way) and do my workouts (weights and cardio) there these days.

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