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How many magazines?
So what do you think is a reasonable number of magazines to have for a given pistol?

I know the world spends a lot of time worrying about mag springs.  No doubt they go bad.  But I personally have not ever experienced it.  I suppose if you were running 3-5 full loads through one daily it might, but between the number of gins I have and the frequency and amount I shoout any one, 5-10 per 3 months might be accurate.  

For my HK USP I have 7; 5-15rd and 2-10rd.  I keep 2 15's full all the time, and swap out each month (thus I know the mag is in good working order).  

But for my Beretta 92F I only have 2, and my Walther PPS, only 3.

What are your thoughts on mag count?
For the 19X I have the three that came with it.  Regular Glock 9mm mags in 10, 15 and 17 count probably a tad over a dozen total.  Three or four for the Glock 2 and a little over a half dozen Ruger mags for the LC9s'.  I like to have at least three or four per pistol.
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We have multiple magazines for each pistol 6+ per firearm.
I try to keep at least 6 per gun... They do go bad now and then which is why each is numbered with dots of nail polish

When one has issues, I order a replacement and save the parts in a bin, have been able to combine parts now and then to have a working unit. ( for me a working unit requires a min of 10 full mags use without a failure )
My minimum is usually six because that's what fits in a storage pouch. All my guns get competition use so they need the extras to avoid reloading too much at the event.
Minimum of 3, ideally 4* or more

*one in the gun, two reloads and one spare

For guns I use in competition, I may have as many as 10 depending on the competition.
I don't have an opinion on the quantity. However, I will share some thoughts:

1. research the manufacturer of any magazine you buy and do not buy any from any manufacturer who has dings on the internet;
2. test each magazine that you intend to use when shtf. then put them into protected storage. do not use them in practice. do not use them as every day carry.
3. do not experiment putting in different springs, different followers, different bases unless you are willing to test them thoroughly and put your life on the line with the modified magazines.
4. if you every day carry, learn how to take the edc magazines apart. Periodically, take them apart and clean them. Related - I buy used, purportedly quality knives on eBay and restore them. Every one that comes in is inspected AND cleaned. Even if it appears that a knife was never sharpened or scratched, I will find lint and dirt in the mechanisms. Magazines are worse. All some one has to do is drop it in the dirt.
5. If you have set aside practice magazines, don't bother cleaning them until they fail. You will learn quite a bit about failure drill responses. You will learn a lot about what happens to a magazine when it is abused or not cleaned. You know the story about how a Glock never fails, right? So there I am in a class (which costs money$$) and the guy's Glock fails. We want to learn why it failed. The class stops. The gun is taken apart and the magazine is broken down. The guy estimated that the gun had had thousand of rounds run through it - and he had never cleaned the gun or the magazines.
6. Remember the research that other people have performed.
a. it is the loading and unloading of magazines that wear out the springs.
b. storing a load magazine generally will not wear out a spring. This is why loaded magazines from WW2 still worked decades later and why at one time the Austrian Army stored loaded magazines.
c. read the literature. at one time it was recommended that a 20 round ar 15 or m16 magazine be loaded with only 19 rounds. Learn why.
c. if you read that someone is recommending that your pistol magazine be loaded one round down, learn why and correct the situation.
Question: Can I just shoot WD/contact cleaner etc in a mag and call it a day?
(05-11-2019, 05:10 PM)Bob Wrote: Question:  Can I just shoot WD/contact cleaner etc in a mag and call it a day?

Sure, my grandpa used ONLY WD40 on all his firearms until he died. Would I do that a way? Nope.

Let me take that back, he did use grease on a couple of rifles he put up in the attic  to store long term. 

Since my dad has inherited the firearms, I have taken them apart, cleaned them, and they all work to this day.
I inherited a small quantity of WD40 tube-type packets.  The kind you can twist off the end and squeeze out.  Had them for years.  Great for tossing in an EDC bag or BOB or whatever in case you need lubrication on something/anything.  Is WD40 the best thing to use on firearms?  No.  But does it and has it worked?  Yes.  And the little tubes are simply handy, light and take up practically no space.  

I purchased one of those $10 universal gun cleaning kits at WM.  The kind that everything fits in the handle.  There was room enough for several of the WD40 tubes as well.  It would work just fine in a pinch.

Next time we get together Bob, remind me ahead of time and I'll toss you a few tubes.

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Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

"What could possibly go wrong with a duct tape boat?"  Cody Lundin

The best defense against evil men are good men with violent skill sets.

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